Londie London Dragged For Exposing LaConco's Love Life's Private Information

Did she betray her friend?

By  | Apr 16, 2022, 05:14 PM  | LaConco  | Drama

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Showmax has finally dropped the season finale of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) season two, and it has been trending on Twitter since yesterday morning.

Viewers have weighed in on their opinions regarding the season finale, which was probably the most dramatic episode of this season. Londie London has received major backlash after disclosing LaConco's private information about her love life that she shared with her in confidence.

This season we were introduced to Londie London who won the hearts of many people with her authenticity and spicy diaries. Her friendship with LaConco, left many people in awe, but viewers are not happy about her betraying LaConco.

In the latest episode of the show, the ladies wanted more insight into LaConco's personal life and romantic relationship, but she was not having it. Since the show started, the housewives have expressed how they feel about LaConco being private and they feel she doesn't want to share anything with them.

The reality TV star, who was previously romantically linked with the former president of the country Jacob Zuma, has been very private about her love life. According to reports, when she was cast on the show, the Zuma family warned her to not mention their name on the show.

This was to protect their family's legacy and because she probably knew a lot about the Zuma family. In an attempt to heed their call, LaConco hasn't been open much about her private life nor love life, and avid viewers of the show feel she should either share her private life with the public or leave the show.

This season we learned that she has found love in the arms of Petal, but sometimes she denies that they are in love or vibing. Londie also believes LaConco is telling a lie since when she speaks with her alone, she gushes about Petal and how impressed she is with him.

However, when she is with the ladies she denies being in love with Petal. The ladies decided to team up to ask her to come clean about Petal and they were not happy about her constantly lying to them. Londie ended up speaking about what LaConco told her privately about Petal and Tweeps are not happy for disclosing that information.

They feel she betrayed her and she knows that LaConco was married to a former president hence, there is some information she can't share on the show. Londie also went on to ask Mabusi about what she knows about LaConco and Petal, Mabusi made it clear that LaConco does not even know where they are standing with Petal.

Many people have hailed Mabusi for having LaConco's back and not sharing her private info.

Twitter is now divided some Twitter users feel LaCocno should come back next season because she is very private while some maintain they love her and they want to see her back.
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