RHOD: "Londie Needs To Leave Nonku Alone"

Fans come at Londie for not minding her business

By  | Mar 04, 2022, 11:14 AM  | Londie London  | Drama

Londie London
The second season of The Real Housewives of Durban has definitely turned up the drama. Now fans are demanding that Londie London should leave Nonku Williams alone and learn to mind her own business. 

The latest episode of the hit Showmax reality TV show was just as dramatic as we have grown to expect and love. This time, Londie, Annie Mthembu and JoJo Robinson sat down to have a discussion, but their main topic was Nonku. 

Londie talked about wanting to know Nonku on a more personal level, rather than just knowing things about her that she has heard from other people. She also talked about Nonku’s drinking habit, insinuating that Nonku is insufferable, possibly because of the alcohol. The three of them went on to talk about her a lot, but it was Londie who stood out to the fans. 

Following the episode, the fans have poured into social media to complain about Londie. Some think that she needs to mind her business, and that Nonku’s drinking is none of her concern. 
Others have been dragging Londie for not having a backbone or any original opinions of her own. She always seems to be jumping onto hate trains started by other people. It started out with the queen, and now just because Annie doesn’t like Nonku, Londie has already started hating on her too. Like, girl, it’s okay to make up your own mind about people, you know?
Fans have also given Nonku her flowers. They think that she is the only housewife on the show who is actually authentic; all the others are fake and will gather around to gossip. They also believe that there would be no show without Nonku, as she is the one that people sit around to talk about. If she left, what will they even unite over? 

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Even so, they still think it’s weird that her mother is always around. Like, is she slowly becoming part of the main cast, or what exactly is her role in the show? Regardless of everything else they said about Londie, they are glad that she is the only one who had the guts to directly raise the fact that Nonku’s mom seems to be there all the time. 
But it’s no surprise that Nonku and Londie are not exactly each other’s favourites. After the mess with Nonku accusing Londie of heavily using filters on social media, so much that she does not look the same in real life, it is no wonder. 
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