Lady Du's Father Hurls Insults And Drags Her

This after she said she grew up poor

By  | May 09, 2022, 12:05 PM  | Lady Du  | Drama

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Lady Du is currently under fire after her father DJ Choc slammed her on video and hurled some insults. This comes after a post by the Amapiano performer painting her struggles growing up, and might have implied that her upbringing was somewhat poor.

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The Amapiano sensation who according to her, has been in the industry since she was 10 years old, is currently trending for all the wrong reasons. In a now deleted post, Lady Du spoke about how she wants a different upbringing for her daughter and is working towards building a better life for her, something she apparently never had.

But that ruffled her father up and he took a video hurling a bunch of insults at his own daughter. In the video, the frustrated father said he did everything for Lady Du so he is confused when she implies that she grew up poor.

"I do not know what Lady Du means when she says she grew up poor when I worked so hard to give her a comfortable life. She then went and h*ed around and ate money with all these men and she continues to spend money on these men. What is she doing now? She did not grow up poor, she had everything she needed.

"She is who she is because of me. Today you see me as a piece of sh*t but she can go around telling people that she grew up poor. She is a dog, I gave birth to a child that is a dog."

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In her comments sections on her social media posts, Lady Du gets slammed by her followers who by the way can attest to her comfortable upbringing. Lady Du hails from Vosloorus and the people from her hood are all singing one tune, her father did everything for her and she was one of the most spoilt kids in the community. Apparently her father taught her the  music industry since he is a DJ. 

But Lady Du defended herself and asked people to point out in her deleted post where she said she grew up poor. 

Lady Du's IG post

Lady Du's step mother, Sandy Ngwenya, chimed in and explained where all the anger comes from. So apparently her father DJ Choc was "snubbed" in front of his colleague so he went to his daughter Lady Du but she told him off and said she was busy preparing a Mother's Day gift for her, Sandy.

A hurt and neglected father took to video and cussed at his daughter and that was not well received by anybody.

Choc allegedly did not want Lady Du to surprise her mother with a car for Mother's Day so he made the video. The video was apparently private but someone leaked it. A part of her lengthy post reads:

"The matter is an extremely sensitive matter between father and daughter. Unfortunately, Choc was hurt deeply, when he was snubbed this week in front of a colleague. He sent Dudu  message, angry, hurt, a man with serious  health conditions that felt there was no other way, he took his hurt and anger out in a video, which was personal and not shared anywhere, though some of the words are certainly not appropriate, or how we should speak to our children, before we judge we should walk a mile in his shoes. We should have both sides of the story.

"The response he received, was that she was busy with a mother's day prep for Sandy, me (the step-up mom)..." she wrote.

"The story took another twist. Her post, she was trying desperately to surprise her biological mom with a car for mothers day, and Choc was against this as he did not want her to have a relationship with her mom and she was extremely upset about the entire incident."

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