Lady Zamar Gets Attacked

Tweeps want her cancelled

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The drama between Lady Zamar fans and Sjava fans will never cease because the rape case was never solved. A question about which musicians have people cancelled sparked the whole debate once more, which saw Lady Zamar getting attacked.

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Lady Zamar and Sjava's relationship reached a devastating end when rape accusations came to light. Lady Zamar also claimed that Sjava was a married man who hid his wife from her. She claimed to found this out from his mother during his concert and she was in attendance.

Following these accusations, the couple had a war on words indirectly and in a form of statements.

Sjava first released a statement where he refuted the rape claims and also accusations that he is married and has a child. Although he went on IG live first, it only makes sense to start with Lady Zamars' as it gives the dates and events of what had transpired.

Lady Zamar accused Sjava of raping her at the Porche-Villa Hotel and Conference Centre in Thohoyondou, Limpopo in 2017. This apparently happened at the night of a concert they had both attended.

“I never wanted to open a case, but sometimes everything that you do in your power is not enough. Justice has to be served at some point. There is still a case opened, it has not been closed, I have not retracted in any way or form,” she said.

“I was intrigued, I do not remember what he said to me specifically. But the next day I was sent text message saying, ‘I love you’...It wasn’t a relationship, it was nothing intimate, it was conversations, it was meeting up. But it was nothing intimate,” she claimed.

“That morning, we were making out, kissing, he had invited me into his hotel room. We had never been alone together, while this was happening, suddenly this person starts taking off my clothes and he raped me I couldn’t fight because I was in stitches,” she said.

In the same manner, Sjava too relayed his version of events. "The reason I have been silent was because we are not allowed to speak about it as it is an ongoing case," he started off the video.

"When we started dating in 2017 I told her I have a girlfriend and she understood that so we continued our relationship. However as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to chose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship a lot happened that left her unhappy as I was well invested in my music and neglecting her in the process," he opened up.

"I hear the rumours of me being a married man, I am not married and I saw the headlines of me not paying child support, I do not have a child," he shut down those rumours. "I take the blame and I apologise for that and not loving you the way you wanted to," he continued.

But months later, the NPA announced that they have dropped the rape case due to insufficient evidence against Sjava.

A year after the allegations were laid to rest, Twitter is still left divided as to who to believe, who to cancel and who should be behind bars. False rape accusations are punishable by law. Rape is also punishable by law.

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