Zee's rumour of the week: Lalla Hirayama leaving V-Entertainment

Could this be a good move from V-Entertainment to let Lalla Hirayama go? Please say it isn't so.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Lalla Hirayama  | Drama

Lalla Hirayama

She was one of the first cool kids after Nonhle Thema's reign on Vuzu to jump on board as a V-Entertainment presenter.

Lalla has enjoyed a lot of success as one of the entertainment anchors of the show and we've enjoyed watching her grow from being that cute girl on Craz-E to one of the sexiest women to ever grace V-Entertainment.

Lalla Hirayama

However, this week I was particularly surprised to hear of a rumour that Lalla may be leaving V-Entertainment.

Look, we know that she's been having the time of her life presenting Lalla Land for M-Net Movies and traveling across the world whilst impressing international stars like Tom Hanks. But that's no reason to leave the loyal V-Entertainment cool kids all high and dry, especially considering the great episode she had with DJ Sabby this week.


We reached out to some industry gate-keepers about this rumour but they all remain tight-lipped about Lalla's departure from the show.

Imagine not seeing Lalla and all that leg work on V-Entertainment anymore, that would just be sad.

Lalla 2

Girl! We know V-Entertainment doesn't give you international exclusives where you get to meet people like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart but you can't leave the show just like that, you just can't. 

Lalla Hirayama

Besides, some of us don't even have DSTV Premium to watch you present Lalla Land. Where do you expect us to see your gorgeous face again? Ok, maybe on Instagram, but we all know that app chows data.

Lalla, are you leaving V-Entertainment? 

Please put us out of our misery and answer the question.

Whilst we momentarily grieve the possible departure of Lalla on V-Entertainment, did you read last week's rumour about Thembisa Mdoda being engaged? 

To our knowledge, there aren't many updates on that rumour as Thembisa has not addressed it yet.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LallaHirayama