Is Lasizwe Copying Somizi's Moves?

This off the back of Lasizwe becoming a Bathu ambassador.

By  | Dec 21, 2022, 10:42 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Lasizwe Dambuza is best known as an influencer and digital content creator. For years, he was considered the King of Local YouTube given his over 766k subscribers and over 86 million views of the content on his channel.

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However, as Lasizwe focussed more on being a fully-fledged ZAlebs instead of what made him popular. His dominance as the King of Local YouTube has arguably taken a dip. This is as even his friend Moghelingz has also caught strays about their latest content since befriending Dambuza
As such, this could be the reason that Lasizwe is borrowing career moves from frenemy Somizi Mhlongo. This is after his latest post revealed his latest endorsement deal which is on the nose to moves that Somizi has made in recent years.
Is Lasizwe copying Somizi's moves?
Taking to Twitter recently, Lasizwe revealed that he has partnered with popular sneaker brand Bathu. This makes Lasizwe the second openly gay ZAlebs to be the ambassador of the brand. The first openly gay ZAlebs to have done this was none other than Somizi Mhlongo. 
Mhlongo partnered with Bathu during its early days and is arguably integral to the subsequent success of the brand following his endorsement. As such, it does beg the question, “Why would Lasizwe cut-and-paste Somizi’s moves?”
More so as Lasizwe has been the most vocal about the demise of what was a fledgling friendship between the two. According to Dambuza, the two were initially friendly. However, as Lasizwe began to become the full-fledged ZAlebs he is now considered, Somizi started to sideline him. 
In an act of retaliation, Lasizwe would then not only start to shade Somizi in public. But he would also not only befriend Somizi’s ex partner, Mohale Motaung. But he would make the same social media moves he did with former friend and rumoured sneaky link, Cedric Fourie
This comes off the back of Lasizwe and Mohale teasing a romantic relationship on social media earlier this year. A media stunt which fell flat as the general public called the two friends out for attempting to create a social media furore over what was blatantly a PR stunt.

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It is then interesting to think that for someone who has been vocal about their dislike for Mhlongo to the general public, that when their own fame seems to be on the decline, they would appropriate their enemy’s moves. 
Hence seeing as Somizi is an integral part of Bathu sneakers as a company. It will be interesting to see if he will also post the promotional posts for the upcoming summer campaign for the company which will feature Lasizwe not only being the brand ambassador. But arguably even in the styling, having paid homage to Somizi with his gold bedazzled moment. 
Moreover, no details on when the advert is meant to go live as Lasizwe just revealed having shot the ad campaign for the Bathu slides, which comes off the back of Drip also launching their own slides. Slides which were allegedly advised by none other but Sizwe Dhlomo. 

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