Is There Bad Blood Between Lasizwe And Mihlali?

The YouTubers have this to say about their supposed beef

By  | Apr 11, 2022, 11:43 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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They might have stopped posting about each other for a very long time, but Lasizwe and Mihlali Ndamase maintain that they are still very good friends. We saw that when they were each other's dates at the premier for the Real Housewives Of Lagos last week.

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The friendship duo strut the pink carpet in their signature looks and made the best dressed list. Mihlali was praised after wearing a Royal Blue dress and Lasizwe decided to add in a little Nigerian flair to his all black look and he pulled it off quiet well.

Speaking to TshisaLive, they explained why people might think they are beefing which according to them is not the case.

“The fact that we get to grow together and find our feet together is just amazing. Being a public figure, you have to maintain a certain image, be in certain places, and always be seen.

"So when we’re not seen together, people start thinking that we’re beefing and it’s not the case because we want to keep our relationship private. So there’s a lot of dynamics that we have to consider, and also the fact that we’re quite young,” explained Lasizwe.

So there you have it folks, there is no bad blood between the two YouTubers.

Speaking on their friendship, they spoke about how they met and what they admire about each other.

Lasizwe described his friend as a "strong independent woman." He says Mihlali is oblivious to the negative things people say about her because she knows who she is.

On the other hand, Mihlali also had a few nice things to say about Lasizwe, adding that he puts in nothing but dedication. His work ethic is also something she admires about Lasizwe.

The two received some hate when they did a skit about bad make up products. This was Mihlali's first acting skit and it was titled When Your Best Friend Passes On. The negative reviews were aimed at her as she did her late besties make up and flopped.

Lasizwe said to TshisaLive, that they were just having some harmless fun.

"People don't understand that we are just having fun. It's not a job or an alignment with the brand, it's just us having fun, doing what we love and we really enjoyed shooting it. We weren't working, we weren't doing anything work related. It was us just putting up a camera and having fun, and being in different characters."

The two friends travelled together and explored a few parts of the world which is healthy for friendships.

Lasizwe knows a thing or two about backlash. His latest skit saw him getting roasted for always portraying black women as illiterate and unable to speak fluent English.

He received so much hate for it and so he ended up deleting it. In the skit he portrays three different women from different ethnicities, white, coloured and African, who are Black Coffee's mothers.

The Grammy award winning DJ won his first ever Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album for his album Subconsciously.

Lasziwe showed how the three mothers would have reacted to his win. The white mother spoke about how she would not treat Black Coffee any different just because he won a Grammy.

Then he had the coloured and mixed race woman, with the accent and everything bragging about her son winning a Grammy, while the other woman's son has four kids from different women.

Lasizwe received a lot of backlash and then had to delete the video. 

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