Lasizwe & Brother Lungile Premiere A New YouTube Reality Show

The brothers bond differently this time

By  | Apr 02, 2022, 11:41 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Famous South African YouTube sensation and MTV reality TV star Lasizwe is back with another reality TV show, this time, he is joined yet again by his beloved older brother Lungile Mchunu. In this new YouTube reality show, we see the pair challenge each other and strengthen their bond with everyday tasks.

This show is highly anticipated by the YouTuber’s fans and comes after their disappointment with Lasizwe’s Drink or Tell The Truth YouTube series coming to an end.

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The reality series premiered last night on YouTube and on its pilot just under 15 minutes in duration, we were introduced to a different side of both their personalities, especially that of Lasizwe. Beyond their undeniable love-hate sibling chemistry and synergy, we got to see Lasizwe and Lungile in blue overalls bonding differently and getting their hands dirty by digging in public dustbins trying to find recyclables somewhere in the South of Johannesburg.

The show began with what can be called, in reality TV jargon, a confessional with the pair sitting on a balcony somewhere in Sun City with champagne and catching up on the activities they were about to get up to on that day.

An argument first erupts as Lasizwe fetches brother Lungile from his taxi yard where we see him fix one of his taxis that had just been involved in an accident. Here Lasizwe and Lungile share differences on what car to use for the weekend with Lungile in favor of Lasizwe’s convertible BMW while he pulls up confidently in a Range Rover, nice life problems if you ask me.

Expected, the show served us with so much drama from both Lasizwe and Lungile. If it isn’t Lungile complaining and teasing his brother Lasizwe for his antics and for bringing G-strings to their weekend away, his said bad luck with relationships -  it is Lasizwe intentionally getting on his nerves by doing exactly everything he disagrees with on top of being overly dramatic and in disgust from their challenge which is to pick up recyclables from piles of dirt from the dustbins.

The show also proved to be thoroughly produced with high-quality sound and footage keeping to the standards of the YouTuber channel with 749K subscribers. Additionally, as the show went on it showed its social responsibility side which is to take care of and keep the environment clean and we can’t help but commend that. The pair is also seen going from house to house asking for any recyclables and most households seemed to be welcoming of the two and gave them as per request.

The older brother Lungile won this challenge and proceeded to mention, jokingly, that he won’t because of his determination to clean up his country. Lasizwe, unfazed by this loss seemed excited to have finished this task as they headed back to the hotel in his true comfort nature.

Fans’ reactions online remain positive with the show’s YouTube numbers garnering an impressive 33 000 viewership within 24 hours of its release. Some fans were evening wishing and suggesting that each episode is extended to an hour at the least

One user shared a tweet highlighting the fact that the relationship between the two brothers is a good one to watch, and that it is genuine and not fake.

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