Lasizwe Dambuza opens up about losing his mother at 18

Lasizwe does what he does today in memory of his mother.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

Lasizwe Dambuza

Lasizwe Dambuza has had to grow up real fast at just 18-years-old, build a career up from scratch after the passing of his mother - who was the breadwinner - in December 2016.

In a recent interview on Trending SA Lasizwe shared details of the day his mother died sharing the sacrifices that she had made on that day spending her last money on buying his matric dance outfit.

“Sometimes I say it was a blessing in disguise because it was just when I finished my matric mom was going through a rough patch in her life...she was diagnosed with a heart condition because of stress...and I kept on saying mom I need to go to matric dance...and the day we went to go shopping, wasn’t as stable as it was, so she spent her last money on suits shirts and stuff…”

The media personality went on to add that although he usually cuts his hair in the streets on Soweto, him and his mom went to a salon to cut his hair for his matric dance and that was where his mother collapsed.

“That time in the mall, she was walking slowly and stuff and we got to the salon and it was my turn to go cut my hair and immediately when I sat down she moved to the couch so I could see her reflection and as I’m cutting my hair...she collapses…”

It was then that Lasizwe tried to perform CPR, however, after multiple attempts he called the paramedics

“ I run to her, I try to turn her body and do CPR because they’ve trained me to do it in high school and I’m like this is not working, I need to call my sister...I called 112 but it didn’t work and she’s on the floor...and I’m calling all these private hospitals and we don’t have medical aid, so I’m just praying to God that these people will come and they resuscitate my mom and then we’ll worry about it later all these finances…”

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Lasizwe went on to say that after the paramedics showed up on the scene twenty minutes later after moving them to a different room, they said ‘we tried’ and had him thinking about how his ticket to university had just gone.

“I lost somebody who I was like a handbag to them...I would rather sacrifice staying at school for two hours and getting fetched by my mom at four then rather going with a transport...I literally prayed to ticket to university gone…”

“When she passed on, I had to wake up, I had to be an adult really fast at the age of 18, I had to think for myself, I had to think...I need to save up for transport, I need to save up for food...which taught me responsibility that’s why I say it’s a blessing in disguise because I had to toughen up like really..”

Lasizwe today is a hard working 19-year-old who strives to do his work in memory of his mother, and he is surely doing the most.

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