Lasizwe Hits Back At Men Mocking His Manhood

He thinks they are low-key gay

By  | Feb 09, 2021, 03:16 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has hit back at men who were mocking his mahood on Twitter.

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Lasizwe faced another wave of homophobia on Twitter after posting a picture of him looking stunning in a green and black bodysuit. The picture caused quite a stir as many Twitter users dragged him after zooming in on his package and not locating anything.

The TV star shut down men who were spewing hate and homophobia on his timeline saying he thinks they are low-key, as he finds it very strange for a straight man to zoom into his manhood, "I low key think all the men that are commenting about the whereabouts of my d*** on my post are low key gay! How do you zoom in and ask about another man's d*** as a "straight" man? I find it very suspicious."

This is not the first time Lasizwe is being dragged on social media. Recently he was dragged after posting a picture of him flaunting his small bum, "To everyone with a small ass, Don't worry you are not alone," he stated. Shortly afterwards, Twitter users dragged him and he went MIA on Twitter.

He made a huge comeback on social media and set the record straight on why he went MIA. "They tried to hack my Twitter account... that's why I was inactive and my account was apparently “deleted/ deactivated”! But we back Swirie! What did I miss on these Twitter Streets?" he announced.

Lasizwe is constantly shaking the homophobe's table and he does not waste time to clap-back at haters. Even the likes of Somizi and Letoya Makhene have had to clap back at trolls on several occasions who spew homophobia all over the timelines.

Somizi is constantly fed up with trolls questioning Vusi Nova's sexuality. He recently defended him after a Twitter user said Vusi was stubborn to come out. Somgaga hit back and asked trolls why are they obsessed with other people's sexuality.

This follows after he posted a series of pictures with Vusi and trolls flooded the post with homophobic tweets. Somizi caught wind of their comments and shuu, he let his fingers do the talking for him.

"Angilwi ngiyabuza (I'm not fighting, I'm asking)..what's the obsession with other people's sexuality...its as if the answers will improve a certain aspect of your life....or as if it makes one feel better about themselves if they out someone me he is content and I hope you are too and enjoy your life," he clapped back

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