Lasizwe Reveals Why He Deactivated Twitter

He still continues to flaunt his small behind despite the bullying

By  | Jan 11, 2021, 12:10 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Top of The

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Lasizwe Dambuza might have been bullied on social media before but that clearly did not lead to the deactivation of his Twitter account. The comedian claims to have deleted his account because he was hacked.

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Lasizwe clarified some of the speculations surrounding his reasoning for deleting his Twitter account. The YouTuber posted a picture of himself exposing his bottom, trying to spread the word that small b*tts matter. "To everyone with a small ass, Don't worry you are not alone," he stated. Shortly afterwards, he went MIA on social media.

After making his way back to Twitter, he revealed that he had been hacked. When he returned, his profile picture had been changed and lost his 1 million followers. After regaining full control, he revealed that he had been hacked.

"They tried to hack my twitter account... that's why I was inactive and my account was apparently “deleted/ deactivated”! But we back Swirie! What did I miss on these Twitter Streets?" he announced.

Shortly after, he continued to flaunt his behind without a care in the world. "Love your beautiful body!" he captioned his post.
When asked to explain his small behind, Lasizwe did not bother to address the issue, "What’s there to explain? Just say you wish to have an as* like mine like everyone else. This some iconic unique shit!"

Mnay have linked his small b*tt to the fact that he is still a virgin. After teasing his fans about a new relationship last year, it appears the Youtuber is still a virgin. Well, that's according to his tweets which revealed that he is still saving himself for marriage.

"Looking forward to the day when my future husband breaks my virginity. So excited about this."

Singer and actor Naak Musiq, also had his Twitter account hacked by an unknown Turkish man. Since the hacking, many accounts have been trying to pose as Naaq Musiq's new account and requesting people to either follow them or avoid being scammed. DJ Tira has come out to expose these opportunistic tweeps who are posing as Naak.

"Hey guys, I have been hacked So please do not send money to anybody, plz!!! if my real account asks you to do so. I have informed @Twitter about this fraud hence I created this temporary account."

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