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By  | Feb 24, 2021, 10:11 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Lasizwe’s relationship might actually be the shortest relationship in ZAleb history as it was revealed on Monday that all his crying over his new Bae might have been for nothing.

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We first saw the YouTuber crying over the weekend when he had to say goodbye to his new boyfriend, then we saw him going through the most when he bumped into his new Babe at Great Dane which is a popular watering hole in Joburg…the same Bae whom he said goodbye to at the airport because “he was flying to Cape Town".

Now it seems like the whole thing might have either been staged or Lasizwe is really going through the most as his bae's "friend" went live yesterday on his Instagram mocking Lasizwe’s pain.

Watch the video here:
In the video which went viral yesterday, the pair is heard laughing at Lasizwe and constantly asking: “Why are you heartbroken?” and the guy in bed with Lasizwe's ex is holding a doom spray which kills cockroaches. He then sprays it into the camera and says: “I will doom you Swirie.”

Here are some comments regarding the video:

"Mjolo will nyisa u #Lasizwe #mjolo"
"#Lasizwe u should keep your relationship silent now were are the tears of joy" 
"Mjolo wesocial media shame. It always ends in Twitter relationship counseling room."
"The one who cares the least in the relationship, controls it the most."

The reality star appeared on Instagram Live on Monday after he discovered his boyfriend in Johannesburg and chatted to Molemo ’Lemii LoCo’ Lehoko on his Mjolo Monday Q&A sessions where he revealed what really went down between him and his former Bae.

Lasizwe said in the Q&A session: “I left my Bae at the airport and then decided to go out with his friends that night. Then they bumped into my boyfriend at Great Dane.”

Lemii then asked if the YouTuber’s then boyfriend gave any explanation as to why he was there and not in Cape Town. Lasizwe replied: 

"My thing is when I saw him, I was so shocked. Because you saw my stories that I was crying.

I went through like the most like I have lost a limb. And even though our relationship is two seconds old, but I’ve known you for a good year and you've been trying to get with me for six months and finally I’ve given you a chance.

And we’ve been seeing each other for 6 months and seeing you at Great Dane when I dropped you off at the airport with the flights I bought you.”

However some of his fans are now throwing the reality star eggs as they feel like the entire relationship, the crying on social media, the breakup and is boyfriend going live with another man yesterday was all staged. 

Especially after Lasizwe himself posted a humorous video which mocked his own heartbrokenness about the whole situation. 

His followers who have been following him for years feel that he’s either  looking for attention, or that his boyfriend and his actual boyfriend staged the whole thing.

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