Lerato Sengadi Defends Somizi's Champagne From Trolls

Don't talk if you don't know your bubbly!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

Somizi's new champagne, a partnership with G.H. Mumm, is the talk of the town right now but not everybody is happy about it.

Some of Somgaga's biggest critics have come out and tried to throw shade on the Living the Dream with Somizi star but one person who is refusing to tolerate any Somizi hate is Lerato Sengadi.

The influencer and PR specialist was one of the lucky people who got to attend the launch of Somizi's historic champagne and she has been doing the most when it comes to giving us FOMO thanks to her posts on the timeline. Never mind the fact that she supports Somizi's venture, Lerato has been more than complimentary of the new edition of G.H. Mumm - a bottle that marks the first-ever partnership of this kind between the French champagne producer, and an African personality.

However historic it might be, not everybody is happy about Somizi's brand new bottle of bubbly. Some of Bonang's biggest fans have been trying to compare Somizi's achievement with Queen B's very own.

This unnecessary competitiveness did not sit well with everybody and one person who put the haters in their place is Lerato Sengadi, who took a moment to remind people of the difference between Champagne and MCC.

She wrote:

"Please check the definition of “CHAMPAGNE”! Cos I’m not about to have an argument with ill-informed individuals...

S/O to Queen B for ALSO breaking boundaries! Cos not everything is a f****** competition"

What Lerato was no-doubt referring to is the fact champagne and MCC are similar, but also very different. For starters, in order for something to be regarded as "Champagne" it has to be produced in a region literally called Champagne in France. MCC is produced using a similar process, but is produced in the Western Cape.

Bonang's BNG is an MCC, while Somizi's beverage is a type of champagne. That's easy enough to clear up, but somehow we feel as if we're still going to have issues with members of both of these fanbases...

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