Lesley Musina's four year-old son witnessed him getting robbed

We almost lost yet another great talent

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Lesley Musina  | Drama


Lesley Musina who is known to be quite expressive on social media recently shared a story about his terrible ordeal of getting robbed a couple of days ago.

The former Muvhango actor expressed that he was robbed whilst at a Total garage, but what traumatized him the most is that his son had witnessed the entire ordeal.

Lesley mentioned that he had gone to the garage that evening to get his son a chocolate as the little boy was nagging him for one. He had left his son in the car as he wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible.

 When he left the garage to enter his car, he was suddenly manhandled by four men who stole one of his cellphones and fled.

"As I opened my door, I heard a man’s voice yelling: “Lie down”, the next thing I was being manhandled. At first, I thought it was someone I know pulling a prank on me. I looked up and saw 4 men, wearing hoodies and bandanas covering the lower part of their faces. They took 1 of my cellphones which was in my pocket. At that time, my son was crying and screaming helplessly. The 4 men then fled, I chased them for a few meters but realised, I can’t leave my son behind. I then went to my car and tried to chase them."


Lesley posted this picture of himself at a Linden police station north of Johannesburg just minutes after the ordeal had happened. Unfortunately, the criminals at the time of the post had not been found but Lesley and his son were fortunately not harmed. The actor went on to mention that one of the criminals had thrown away their gun at the back of a stationary bakkie.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LesleyMusina