Linda Majola Bids The Wife farewell

This is as the latest season gets dragged for filth.

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The Wife is the Showmax original series which first premiered back in 2022. The series is loosely based on the series of Hlumo novels written by Dudu Busani-Dube. To say β€œloosely based” would be an understatement as the series has continually faced backlash for how it has taken liberties in terms of the events that take place in the books versus those that happen in the series.

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Ahead of the current and final third season, production had stated that with this season they would attempt to stick as closely to the events of Naledi… His Love, which is the third book in the series and was meant to be the premise this current season was based on. 
But as Stained Glass did with the first two seasons, it continued to do so with this season. Naledi… His Love is centred around Dr. Naledi Montsho, an abuse survivor and slightly overweight woman which has resulted in her having insecurities about her weight due to how her abusive ex treated her and the comments he made about her weight. 

In meeting the patient and doted Qhawe, whose love is unwavering, Naledi overcomes her insecurities after Qhawe pursues vehemently every time she tries to break it off, which is a frequent occurrence in the books.  

The television adaptation has turned this love story to a toxic, sex-filled, action drama that has lost the essence of its romantic premise. So much so that fans would rather see Qhawe with Hlomu, and Naledi with Sefako, who in the books is a character that does exist or make as much of an impact as in the books. Even the television version of Tshedi is an evil sister who is nothing like the character in the books. 
Add the matter of Mphele and Xoli’s latest sex scene and fans are over season three of The Wife. So much so that they are happy if it ends now. More so as it is alleged that it is the producers of the show that have completely ruined the series as it seems that even the actors have checked out. Even those that are still in the series. 
But one recent exit was that of Langa Dladla played by Linda Mojola

Linda Majola bids The Wife farewell

Linda Majola is the latest The Wife star to exit the telenovela. This follows the exits of fan favourites including Bonko Khoza, Abdul Khoza and Zikhona Sodlaka in earlier episodes of the third season. 

Majola, who made his television acting debut with the character of Langa, took to his social media at the top of the week to share some of the memories and experiences he would treasure from the set as he marked his last day on the set. In the caption of the touching video montage, which was edited in black and white to set the mood, Majola reflected on his experience with the caption by sharing that: 

β€œThe very first time I stepped onto set, I could feel the rays of the sun shine inside of me. Acting fuels a fire I never knew still existed. I felt like a child rediscovering and learning this world all over again. Words cannot begin to describe the amount of gratitude I’m filled with. My only regret is that it took me so long to believe I deserved it. 

Ningenze umuntu. Izandla zidlula ikhanda. [You made me whole. Your impact will not be forgotten.]”
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