Lindiwe's Demise

Her demise needs to come sooner than later

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

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We thought that season 2 would be the end of Lindiwe, but we've been proven wrong.

Ever since Lindiwe got shot in the head in the final episode of the first season, there have been so many events that have shocked viewers, like the return of Tumi who was buried alive and Lindiwe gaining consciousness after being in a coma for several weeks.

It has become clear that the Dikana family is still going to go through a whole lot of drama especially considering that Tumi has "risen from the dead" and has revealed that it was Lindiwe who buried her alive.

However, her revelation isn't exactly helping her out considering that she is now arrested for the attempted murder of Lindiwe, after she (Lindiwe) lied about Tumi shooting her.

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Although Lindiwe has revealed to her family that Tumi was the child she gave up before the birth of Andile, the dark kept family secret has kept the family even closer. Hence Lindiwe's demise on the show won't come anytime soon. These turn of events has kept viewers flabbergasted at how Lindiwe has managed to flip the script and have everything work in her favour.

Will Tumi ever get the justice she deserves? Will the Dikana family ever realise that their loving mother and wife (Lindiwe) is nothing but an ice queen who will stop at nothing in ensuring that she always remains on top?

So many questions need answering.

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