There's A New Makhadzi In Town!

Her beef with Monada just got worse

By  | Jul 09, 2021, 10:40 AM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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If you thought Makhadzi removing King Monada from their song Ghanama and only included Prince Benza was petty, Monada just flipped the script. This is a new level of petty and we are shook!

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Monada decided to play Makhadzi's game but he became even pettier by not only removing her from the song, but replaced her with a songstress named Mukosi. But it gets juicer, Monada kept Makhadzi's verse AND vocals! So is there a new Makhadzi in town? She and Makhadzi do look a like though.

Makhadzi released her version of the song Ghanama without Monada and despite the hate and negativity she received with people saying the song is a flop, it gained over 100K views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

"#Ganama reached more than 100K Views in less than 24 hours on YouTube and is trending number 15 on YouTube Music! Thank you so much for the love and support," she thanked.

This is the perfect exposure for Mukosi and the breakthrough she needed because she has been in the game for some time. The Limpopo born musician who also sings in her mother tongue got featured in a track with Queen Jenny and it currently has 471K views. Pretty impressive numbers.

Social media is a mess right now following Monada's pettiness and we can't deal:

"Okay we got to Agree King Monada is the "King" he thinks he is. 'Ghanama S Plus' really slaps. Makhadzi and her label can just Rest," a tweep said.

"Mukosi is a proof that Women we don't love each other."

"I think Makhadzi some how need to be proud of herself cos it's obviously she's Mukosi role model."

"Yall thought Monada calls himself King for nothing. The man manufactured his own Makhadzi and released the hottest version of the song. He is King!"

"Makhadzi made a tragic mistake to think she is irreplaceable. Mukosi replaced her with ease and King Monada is giving us the Ghanama we ordered. Monada ke Monada o ka se Monadalole."

"This situation between Makhadzi and Monada is gonna make them lose respect especially from other artists, so unprofessional."

"Makhadzi, it will all pass. You’ll be okay. You don’t deserve this. It’s time to focus. You have a big project ahead and all this drama is just a distraction. FOCUS GIRL FOCUS."

Amid all the drama, Makhadzi released a statement last night explaining how this blunder happened. When they fought over the ownership of the song, they make accusations against each other. A few days later, Makhadzi comes out to say it was all a publicity stunt. But here's the trick, Makhadzi revealed that they agreed to tweet it was a publicity stunt but Monada did her dirty and did not reveal that information. That is when she realised there is foul play.

Read the full statement below:
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