Mangaliso Ngema Sues Lorraine Moropa

Lorraine accused him of sexual harassment last year

By  | Jun 14, 2021, 09:22 AM  | Mangaliso Ngema  | Drama

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Mangaliso Ngema is fighting back after sexual harassment allegations were levelled against him by a former colleague Lorraine Moropa. The veteran actor has reportedly sued the actress and Quizzical Pictures for an amount of R12, 5 million.

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According to Phil Mphela, Mangaliso Ngema wants the two parties to pay him for defamation of character which apparently resulted in a huge loss of income.

"Ngema, who played Senzo on SABC2 telenovela Lithapo, has reportedly lodged R12,5-million defamation claim against actress Lorraine Moropa and Quizzical Pictures. This follows accusations laid against him of sexual misconduct," Phil reported.

In addition to that, City Press reported that he lodged this defamation lawsuit at the Johannesburg High Court. He is adamant that the 24-year-old actress, who recently landed a role at a Mzansi Magic telenovela, The Queen, tarnished his name which resulted in him allegedly suffering financially.

Just last week, Mangaliso Ngema had resigned from SABC 1's Family Secrets where he was playing a lead character by the name of Caesar Mokwena. His lead character is a billionaire banker.

There was outrage after season 2 premiered on June 6 because the masses were hoping that the accused would have been cancelled by now. However, SABC 1's press release ruffled feathers again as they were accused of placing him on a pedestal, despite the sexual misconduct claims.

Following that outrage, the channel and South African Women In Television Arts (SAWITA) announced his resignation from the lead role. According to City Press, his immediate resignation will allow him to focus his time and energy on the lawsuit he opened against Lorraine for her claims of sexual harassments.

His character however will not be scrapped but a replacement will be put in place to play the billionaire banker.
These allegations were made last year in July whilst he was acting on Lithapo with Lorraine Moropa. "This is a father, who also happens to speak highly of their daughter whom by the way, is practically my age and also in the industry. I wonder if he would appreciate his daughter coming home with half the stories I have to go home and tell my mother due to his actions," Lorraine wrote without mentioning his name.

Few moments later, other actresses plastered his image all over social media outing him as the accused sexual abuser.

Defending himself, Mangaliso released a video in July last year apologizing to Lorraine. He did not admit his guilt however he apologized for making her feel uncomfortable as she claimed that he played with himself whilst looking at her inappropriately.

"My accuser alleges that I touched myself inappropriately while I was looking at her. I want to tell you that is not the truth, she totally misread the situation and made the wrong assumption. I have since reached out to her to apologize for making her feel that way."

He remained silent because he hoped the law would take its course. Mangaliso also explains that his pants were too tight and he was inspecting them just to see if they did not get torn. He further adds that they were both in the presence of cast and crew members, and Lorraine looked at him fixing his pants.

He then further adds that Lorraine would ask him for massages and even on the day of the accusation, she apparently later asked him for a massage. “it’s very confusing for me... this is someone who often asks me to give her shoulder message. Even on the day of the accusation she later asked me for a massage”

“How would it have looked if I was the one constantly asking her for a massage?”

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