Masasa Mbangeni's Mom Left Traumatised By Death Hoax

"People are so evil yazi"

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 06:26 PM  | Masasa Mbangeni  | Drama

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Death is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly at any point in time. Receiving the news that a loved one is no more can cripple anyone. It becomes even harder to accept for the older generation especially if they have comorbidities because their illnesses can be triggered by shock.

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In recent weeks, the entertainment industry has been riddled with RIPs. We'v had to bid farewell to actors and musicians and many reports have confirmed that they had succumbed to COVID-19 related illnesses. Just last week, celebrities bid farewell to celebrity chef Lesego Semenya, fondly known as LesDaChef. We also lost music legend Tshepo Tshola who, according to a tweet from EWN, was hospitalized after contracting Covid19.

In the same breathe, we've had positive outcomes where the pandemic is concerned. Some of our ZAlebs have happily announced that they've beat this virus. Housekeeper actress Thando Thabethe recently announced that she was excited to have conquered COVID-19; reality TV star, Nonkanyiso 'LaConco' Conco was also on cloud 9 after beating the coronavirus.

Actress Masasa Mbangeni is also on the list of ZAlebs who beat COVID-19. But the former Scandal! actress who played the character of Thembeka Shezi Nyathi is still anxious about possibly being infected again. In a tweet she expressed that she hopes to get vaccinated soon so she can better conquer the virus should she ever contract it again.

"I pray God keeps me till I get my vaccine . I’m so scared of this thing . I really got it quite bad when I had it , thank goodness I recovered at home but it took a while yhuuu," she said.

She further shared that she was a victim if a death hoax and her mom was traumatized by it. She angrily tweeted that her mom woke up very shocked and worried after her colleague to her that she had seen a Facebook pronouncing her dead.

"Got a frantic call from my mother who said she was woken up from sleep from a call from a colleague saying that in Facebook they say I’m dead from Covid because of this tweet. People don’t read for comprehension neh , now my mother must get a fright because of stupidity ugh," she wrote.

Masasa condemn this act, calling it evil. And it is evil indeed! Her mother could have suffered shock and would have been hospitalized, or was - lost her life due to a rumour that someone decided to start for their own selfish reasons.

An actress who has been a victim of death in hoaxes far too many times is Sophie Ndaba.  The Family Secrets actress has opened up about the trauma that this evil act leaves in the victim as well as their family.

For Sophie, trolls have continuously declared her dead on social media ever since she lost weight due to her diabetes. Opening up about the many hoaxes her family has had to wake up to, she urged people to stop spread rumours as facts.

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