Masechaba saddened by xenophobic attacks

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Masechaba Lekalake  | Drama

While xenophobic attacks continue to spread across the country, a lot of South Africans have shown that they are against what's happening.

This week, the country saw many people being attacked and victimised because they are foreign nationals. This is clearly something that a lot of our citizens are against. A number of prominent people including government officials and celebrities, have condemed these attacks.

Celebs like Nandi Mngoma, Zakes Bantwini and others also joined a peace march in Durban yesterday.

Power FM host Masechaba Lekalake, who was born in Zambia, told ZAlebs: "As a child of Africa, I am extremely saddedned, embarrassed, ashamed... I'm a child of revolutionary parents, military veterans. For me it's not so much about reciprocating the love that our fellow Africans showed us at the height of apartheid, it's just about basic human rights."

She added that each human being on earth, regardless of their background, political affiliation or educational standing deserves to be treated with diginity and respect.

"I feel that frustrated South Africans have taken out their misery and anger on innocent targets... The problem is not so-called foreign nationals who have come to take people's jobs, there's a much bigger problem... I feel like whatever their reasons are, they need to be treated like criminals because they are committing crime. We shouldn't try and over-reason beacuse then we are almost trying to justify the behaviour."

The I Love South Africa host believes that the focus should be on migrants and what they are going through and providing them with as  much protection as they need.

She continued: "I love the amount of solidarity that ordinary South Africans and public figures are showing. Now I think we need to find a way of taking that action to the ground because my concern is that the people who are committing these crimes are not on Twitter, or on Facebook, they don't listen to some of these radio stations - they're in the street trying to figure out these bread and butter issues. It feels like we're having these conversations with ourselves."

Masechaba is doing everything that she can to spread the message. "I don't know what the solution is, all I can do is lend my voice. I'm talking about it as much as possible."

About two years ago, Masechaba and other artists including Kabomo and AB Crazy, recorded a song titled I am A Migrant Too. #IAMAMIGRANTTOO, an International Organisation for Migration (IOM), commissioned production of the track, which was produced as part of the IOM #IAMAMIGRANTTOO campaign launched in 2012. The campaign is aimed at promoting social cohesion in South Africa.

Speaking about the songs, Masechaba said: "This needs to go out to as many people as possible. It is so relevant." You can watch the video below.