Mihlali Mocks Witchcraft Users

She doesn't need magic to keep a man

By  | Nov 19, 2021, 08:44 AM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Drama

Image of Mihlali Ndamase
Influencer Mihlali Ndamase is always coming through with the relationship hot takes, and she has hit us with another one. 

Mihlali recently had a conversation on Twitter about the practice of using magic to keep a partner. She was responding to a tweet by @Neo_url, who stated that the “heterosexual olympics” are just the whole ghetto, and that women were taking to extreme measures to keep their men. 

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In response to this, Mihlali thinks it is a ridiculous practice, since the gents are whack. She fails to understand why anybody would be ready to use muthi on people. She then finished with a prayer that she never has to find herself so desperate to keep a man. 
Needless to say, the men were in their feelings after her comment, as they did not appreciate being called whack. Some even went as far as to declare themselves the prize, which completely cracked her up. 

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It’s all funny now, because not long after, Mihlali had a moment of weakness for the internet to see. Only one day later, she got hit by a wave of loneliness. At 2 am! She went on Twitter to post that she misses “him”. 
Guys, who is this “him”? Could she be referring to Banele Mbere, one of the twin duo, Major League DJz? The two had a relationship, which the infuencer publicly confirmed on comedian Lasizwe Dambuza’s YouTube show Drink Or Tell The Truth

She could also mean Cassper Nyovest, although we are going to say this one with a pinch of salt. Do you remember the time when she went on the Braai Show With Cass, and she absolutely nailed her interview? Well, fans saw a lot of chemistry between the pair, and have since been convinced that Cassper had a mega crush on Mihlali. 

Of course it could also be the anonymous man she was accused of stealing. Yes, it was May 2021 when a Twitter user going by Meeshka accused her of being a homewrecker, which she further denied on Lasizwe’s show. That’s a lot of denials, sis! 
Either way, whoever it was, sis has got it bad. As of the writing of this article, she woke up and saw her own digital footprints and was both shocked and amused. But we love that she can laugh at herself too. 
It’s possible that Mihlali misses the man who used to give her a R50K monthly allowance. If that’s who she means, girl, same. I don’t know who it is, but I miss him too. Maybe this is when the magic would have come in handy. But you know what, never mind. 
Mihlali is up against Boity and Lasizwe for a People’s Choice Award, and we wish her the very best in chasing this dream. Congratulations to Mihlali, and please remember to vote for her. 

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