Minnie Dlamini Contracts Covid-19 For Second Time

We wish her a speedy recovery

By  | Dec 07, 2021, 01:03 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

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The country is currently experiencing a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections as daily infection rates continue to rise. TV presenter and actress Minnie Dlamini has contracted COVID-19 for the second time.

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Taking to her Instagram account recently, she revealed that she has been infected by the newly discovered Coronavirus variant, Omarion.  Minnie, who is self-isolating at home, expressed her heartache at not being able to bond with her one-year-old son Netha due to her illness.

“Being away from my child for work is very difficult…But nothing is worse than being in the same house and hearing him laugh and cry for me but I can’t hold him and kiss him,” she shared on her Instagram stories.

He’s so young. I hope he understands. COVID sucks,” she added.
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Minnie was infected with Covid-19 for the first time in June and recovered fully. According to her Instagram stories, her family might have been infected with the virus. She requested prayers.

“My family and I are currently out of commission ... Covid is real and this wave is hectic! Stay safe and keep us in your prayers!!!" she wrote.

She announced later in July that she and her family had completely recovered from the virus. "My family was tested this morning for COVID and we are negative.". #Blessed #Grateful Thank you for the outpour of love and support, it was war!!! #StayHomeStaySafe,” wrote Minnie on Instagram.

Celebrities who have tested positive have been sharing their experiences with the virus since it hit Mzansi. Newlyweds Musa and Liesel recently contracted Covid-19 and had to isolate for some time. Musa recovered before his wife and on the day he had to head back to work – it saddened him that he had to leave his sick wife behind.

“Today was one of the saddest days ever. I had to leave my sick baby at home because I have to get back to work because I’m feeling better. God bless everyone who is at home fighting COVID. Nothing but well wishes and good health to you and yours! We will fight and beat COVID, one day at a time!”

Liesl described her experience as HECTIC. She was thankful her husband, Musa, took good care of her. She also thanked their family and friends for their support.

“For about 18 months my Medical Doctor has managed to steer clear of the dreaded Covid-19 virus but a couple of days ago he (read we) tested positive. What a crazy, HECTIC experience but as you can understand I am well taken care of,” she shared.

“Today is a good day and with each day of this rollercoaster ride that passes, I feel more and more like myself. We are on the mend and would like to thank all our friends and family for the prayers. We are slowly but surely healing day by day. Keep safe out there,” she wrote.

We wish Minnie Dlamini a speedy recovery.

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