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Gender based violence in the country is a pandemic on it's own. If the alleged perpetrators are well-known individuals, the general public tends to be skeptical or selective when it comes to believing their victim. It has been more than three days now since Mohale Motaung's explosive interview with Legend Manqele shared by Sunday World, went viral, exposing his estranged husband's toxic traits. If you scroll through the Twitter trends, social media is divided and Somizi has not been cancelled as yet.

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What shocks many people is the lack of "noise" GBV activists are making. Perhaps this is the first of it's kind because Queer people are involved? That is what tweeps are trying to figure out.

Somizi is a very well-known media personality who has gained success throughout the years. So his celebrity friends are very mum about this whole situation and it makes one think about their authenticity of their activism.

There are however many ZAlebs who are behind Mohale and who have offered words of encouragement. They have helped the hashtag, #IBelieveMohale trend and are rallying behind the entrepreneur 100%

Jackie Phamotse wrote a thread comforting Mohale. She told him to not be scared anymore as this is his life and his story. Somhale got married out of community of property and he is entitled to EVERYTHING Somizi owns. But he said he only wants his clothes and the car Somgaga allegedly damaged.

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Jackie told him he deserves everything to cover up for the abuse he endured. "Dear @mohale_motaung don’t be scared anymore! This is your life! They can’t bully you anymore! We hear you! We have BEEN seeing your pain, your sad eyes tell a story. Fight for your life back! And fuck it! You deserve half of everything! Yes, I said it! But fix your self first!" she said.

Jackie then continues by adding, "You are the only one that knows the truth, you were young! But you took a chance and here we are! Now you need to fight, you need to save your soul. Don’t think you are alone. Look into your self and find strength, seek courage from God. When you ready I’ll be waiting to help."
She then takes aim at the silent GBV activists who are not publicly defending Mohale or even challenging Somizi, if indeed the allegation made by Mohale are true.

"#IBelieveMohale The silence of the #LGBTQ community is sickening!!!! So you all are not activists anymore because the perpetrator is a celebrity? So your faves are untouchable? What does this community really stand for? So your just going to let Mohale fall?"
Jackie then takes it back to when Mohale tweeted about abusers but many thought he was referencing AKA's situation with Anele Tembe. But it was a cry for help.
Penny Lebyane also showed Mohale some great support. "As an ally of #LGBTQIA I am #breakmysilence abt the disturbing transgressions that just came to my knowledge about the pandemic of #GBV in the (Queer Community) I am against all forms of abuse as you know. I am sad to hear abt  #Mohale’s situation. So I’m gonna share my heart & thoughts," she begins her thread.

She then goes on about the senseless killings of Queer people all in the name of hate.

She then assures that abusers will not get away with what they have done and continue as though nothing happened. This comes after Metro FM continued with having Somizi on air for their Ask A Man segment.

"Let me assure you no abuser will get away with anything there’s a process to follow 1st. Might not look so now but there’s work behind the scenes and with corporates they have to follow process. The abuser should excuse themselves from public work."

"Carrying on like nothing is happening is hypocrisy as a media practitioner, it shows lack of understanding of the magnitude of their actions alleged or not, unethical especially with such influence like radio in a country with the rates of #GBV and #Femicide ultimately egocentric."
Rosie Motene also joined the #IbelieveMohale trend, "The reality in SA, if a convicted abuser  is a public figure or 'vip', they often celebrated further. Their minions will push the #gbv when the cameras are on but are logged off when their friends are CONVICTED. #ibelievemohale"

Other ZAlebs include Ntsiki Mazwai, Amanda Black, Simphiwe Dana, Nokuthula Mavuso and many others.
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