Mpho Maboi shares the story behind why she got fired from YFM

Mpho takes us back to the day she got fired from the radio station.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Mpho Maboi  | Drama

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Mpho Maboi

Mpho Maboi has come along way in her career, at this point in her life she might be reigning as a sports anchor, co-hosting on Metro FM’s breakfast show, hosting a sports show on Thursdays from 18:00-19:20pm and having won Sports Personality Of The Year Award, but life has not always been so sweet for her.

The sports anchor who started as a DJ at YFM revealed on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show that although she had not expected to get fired from YFM, she had always had plans on leaving the station.

“Before I came to being fired, I had felt like I was getting too old for the audience, and I had been feeling antsy for a while and I felt like, I need to leave...I think at some point I just started misbehaving because I needed to make things exciting for myself, I started pushing the envelope.” Mpho said

Mpho went on to add that it was ridiculous for the station to think that she would not play HHP’s new song as she had been interviewing him.

“ part of pushing the envelope, there was a time I had HHP in studio and he was dropping an album and I was like listen, I know I’m not allowed to play unscheduled music, but you’re dropping a hot album, you’re HHP, I cannot have you here for an hour and just not play your song...I got fired playing an unscheduled song of a big artist who had come in for an interview” she said

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Although Mpho Maboi says that she was saddened by the fact that she was not given the chance to say goodbye to her fans, she is grateful that it happened.

“At the time that it happened I was ok with it, I always believe that when it’s time to move, the universe, it whispers, then it’s starts talking to you, and then it shouts, and that was my shout. And when it happened I was at peace with it.” she said

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