Musa Khawula's Petition To Destroy Mihlali's Brand

He has taken it too far

By  | Aug 15, 2022, 10:42 AM  | Drama

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Blogger Musa Khawula has been slammed for allegedly having a vendetta against influencer Mihlali Ndamase.

It is no secret that Mihlali is not in Musa's good books. The blogger constantly drags her and exposes her private life online. A petition has been started by Musa in order to get brands that Mihlali is affiliated with to dump her.

This follows after Mihlali is accused of stealing Leeroy Sidambe from his estranged wife Mary-Jane Sidambe. The petition has gained momentum online and has amassed over 2000 signatures so far, with a goal of gaining 5000.

In the petition Khawula accuses Mihlali of being a homewrecker.

"It is shameful that big brands like Coca Cola continue to work and associate themselves with Mihlali Ndamase after we have seen on social media that she is actively involved in wrecking a home by dating a married man. Mihlali Ndamase continues and takes pride in her action and continues to torment Maryjane Sidambe whom she took her husband. Maryjane Sidambe and her husband Leeroy Sidambe have two kids and they are also dragged into this shameful relationship that Leeroy has with homewrecking Mihlali Ndamase."

He further calls on brands affiliated with Mihlali to pull sponsorship.

"Mihlali Ndamase recently shared a clip on her YouTube channel where the intention was to further humiliate another woman, in this case Maryjane Sidambe. Is the message that Mihlali is spreading with her influence? Mihlali Ndamase has a huge following of which are women, is this the kind of message she is sending to young women that it is acceptable to wreck homes and humiliate a woman and kids publicly? This kind of behavior is unacceptable and should be shamed, for brands to continue working and support Mihlali Ndamase also pointing to supporting her shameful behavior," read part of the petition.

Tweeps have reacted to the petition and they think Musa is jeopardizing Mihlali's career.
Speaking to Nounouche Mihlali reacted to the title of being a man snatcher, Mihlali said men are not possessions. 

“Another important thing is that men are not possessions, you don’t just take and run with it. People are responsible for themselves. We make it seem like these men cannot think for themselves and in that regard, we never hold them to the same standards we hold women.”

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