DJ Speedsta Calls Nasty C's Album Sh*t

There seems to be no peace between the two

By  | Sep 11, 2020, 07:03 PM  | DJ Speedsta  | Drama

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What a day, Friday, September 11 has been in hip-hop as the streets have been shaken all thanks to beefs being aired out once again on the timelines. 

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DJ Speedsta and rapper Nasty Cโ€™s beef has been reignited all thanks to his interview with Mac G on his popular podcast.  During the episode Mac G and Nasty C discuss the rapper's new album Zulu Man with Some Power, hater, the rapper working with international rapper T.I and being signed to Def Jam. 

Nasty C recently dropped his highly anticipated album, Zulu Man, with Some Power (ZMWSP), which made waves within the first week of its release. The album is Nasty Cโ€™s first one to be released under Def Jam records. 

Since the albumโ€™s release, the award-winning rapper has been promoting the album and doing interviews for the album and now his interview with Mac G, which was done over a week ago has somehow caught the Twitter streets attention. 

During the interview, Mac G asks Nasty C about his controversial moment with Hip Hop DJ Speedsta.  

The rapper talked about the hate he has received from people in the industry and especially since he is not one to be in people's business, he has been forced to fight fire with fire.

When asked by Mac G if that is what had happened with Speedsta, Nasty explained that the moment was more than just a song. 

"It was about more than that, I think he had some personal shit that he was going through and I don't know it seemed from a dark place, jealousy and envy all that shit and it's like with me I don't know you, I don't give a fuck how you feel. If you wanna go public then I'm gonna go public and actually tell people the real story," Nasty told Mac. 

Nasty also claimed that Speedsta was lying about the incident that caused their twar. 

Speedsta in his now-deleted tweet asked Nasty to keep his name out of his interviews and let him know that his album "is shit" and "way too over hyped".

The hip-hop DJ claimed that whilst he is on his own, vibe and doing his own thing he had to say his piece as "this kid has taken it too far". 

Speedsta after all the tags took to the timeline to respond and air his take on the whole matter between him and the rapper, he has since removed the tweets because of a client and whilst he apologised to his stakeholders but he meant what he said.

Pretty hard to keep someone's name out of your mouth when it comes up in interviews.
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