Natasha Faces Mzansi's Wrath Over R1 Million

She owes the public an explanation

By  | Nov 28, 2021, 09:11 AM  | Natasha Thahane  | Drama

Image of Natasha Thahane
It has been said before that going on MacG's podcast never ends well for celebrities. Blood And Water actress Natasha Thahane is the latest ZAleb to prove this fact right. 

Remember when we said that fans found Natasha’s interview so boring that it did not even trend online? As it turns out, we spoke too soon, and tweeps were just taking longer than usual to process the interview. 

Now they are back, and Natasha is facing the wrath of the country online. In her interview, she mentioned that she had received a R1 Million scholarship to study abroad for one semester. And tweeps are enraged at the fact that she got that much money, when many students right here are struggling to get funding for their local studies, which would cost much less. 

As she was getting dragged extensively, Natasha went online to explain that her scholarship application had not been approved automatically. She explained that she had been ignored too until she got in touch with the New York Film Academy, which reached out to the department for her scholarship. 
But tweeps do not care for her explanation. They are convinced that she used her connections in the ANC government to influence her application, which is clearly corruption. 

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They have gone on to say that she should not be considered aspirational. She will go online and try to motivate people to work hard to achieve their dreams, knowing fully well that it is not hard work that got her where she is, but connections. 
But others are pointing out that anybody in her position would have done the same thing. They think that, if one had the opportunity to use their connections to their advantage, surely the sensible thing is to use them. 
Either way, it doesn’t make it right. Even Prince KayBee has gone online to say that the truth about Natasha now casts a bad light on the ANC government in general. According to him, this is further proof that the youth is right to mistrust this government, as they keep proving that they are corrupt. 
Unfortunately for Natasha, her revelation has now cast a doubt on everything she has ever done. Tweeps now believe that the fact that her application was ignored the first time meant she was unqualified. And if she got the scholarship despite being unqualified, how many other things have been handed to her because of her connections, despite being unqualified. 
Her career is being dragged through the mud as well. She has been called a terrible actor, and tweeps now think she only got her television roles because she is pretty and has connections.
It is unfortunate that her career is being dragged too. But it is also understandable why her revelation has angered the public. Lasizwe is having to raise funds for students to attend university, but here is just one person getting R1 Million for one semester abroad.

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We wait to see what her response will be to these allegations, as tweeps are demanding an explanation. 

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