Natasha Spills The Beans In "Boring" Interview

At least she spoke about A-Reece and Lorch

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 12:14 PM  | Natasha Thahane  | Relationships

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When you think of a typical Mac G interview, you expect your jaws to drop, you expect gems to be dropped or even better you expect nothing but the hottest tea to be spilt. Heck, you watch in anticipation that lawsuits are possibly pending. It's what gave MacG his title, of King Of Podcasts. But with Blood And Water actress Natasha Thahane, viewers felt as though she gave off Kelly Khumalo vibes with her rehearsed PR answers which fell flat.

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Natasha Thahane was the recent celebrity guest on Podcast And Chill With MacG and her interview was dubbed 'boring.' The actress' interview did not even trend - never mind trend, it seems as though half of Mzansi did not even know Natasha sat down for an interview with MacG.

Well, from what we gathered from the insipid hour long interview, was Natasha does not want to speak about her relationship and probably announcing it on social media was a mistake. MacG said her team told them not to discuss relationships. But she did mention that she and Lorch are STILL together and very much in love - we knew that.

MacG wanted to know why she wants to keep her relationships private and she said, "That's not my contribution to this industry, I'm not here to speak about my personal life. It happens, it has happened because I'm in the public eye, and I've accepted it, but I still control the narrative so you only know what I put out there.

"The rest you think you do, but I don't like speaking about uMjolo," she said, and MacG said it is what people want to hear, but Natasha did not budge. "They can keep spreading rumours and say whatever they want to say, but I'm not entertaining that."

When MacG continued to press Natasha to spill the beans, she said it's not anybody's business, regardless of putting their relationship out there. "The only thing I owe people is the good performance on screen," Natasha said.

Natasha did not even want to talk about how they met or how he asked her out but did say that it would be better if he was present for the interview. Not that she minds talking about that, but it would be better if he explained it and not her.

Now we know why Natasha never wanted to go on Lasizwe's Drink Or Tell The Truth. The same reason DJ Zinhle gave Lasizwe.

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Moving right along, Natasha then spoke about her rumoured relationship with A-Reece and revealed that they were never an item it was just a publicity stunt. She said she was hired as an actress and regrets taking part in that.

"It was a business move that I don't regret but I've learnt not to do it again," said the actress. Natasha explained that they agreed in writing that she was going to shoot music videos with the rapper and that was it. But told him that if she started dating again, people would be so invested in her life and ask her "weren't you dating A-Reece just now?"

But the one positive thing from the interview was Natasha praying for the entire cast. That was very beautiful and powerful indeed.

Watch the clip below:

Viewers were bored out of their minds with this interview, here's what they had to say:

"Natasha_Thahane is such a beautiful soul, really great human being with a good head on her shoulders... Nithi the interview was pap coz ya'll hoped she'd be messy & she disappointed you toxic fools..."

"To be honest this episode is trash simply because Natasha she is not opening up, only talking her line of work, she is too uptight."

"I still remember MacG saying Kelly Khumaloโ€™s interview view was boring, it was just โ€œGod, God, God,โ€ he couldnโ€™t even last for 20 minutes with her. Honestly I felt the same energy with Natashaโ€™s interview, love her though, she is so decent."

"Natasha_Thahane is so calm...I never thought she's like this and I think that goes to show how much of a good actress she is-you surely can tap into your characteR. You're even God-fearing...the love you have for Him."
Watch the her interview here.

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