Is Kaybee Having Relationship Trouble?

He turns to his fans for help

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 06:54 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Relationships

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Just recently Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to ask a question that has sent tweeps on a rampage. It is safe to say that anytime Kabillion has a relationship issue or question, he leaves it to his fans to sort him out. If you recall, it was not that long ago when he was giving tweeps some well needed bedroom tips. And just like then, it seems he is back with more.

In his most recent tweet, Kaybee has challenged his fans with a question that has seen tweeps show up in numbers just to give the deejay an insight on what they thought. In the tweet, Kaybee asks, “Quick question, what do you do when a lady says…, “o no mpatla 10 years ago”, what must happen?”

Now while it is not clear what triggered this question, tweeps are convinced that Kaybee could be having some relationship troubles. And that was enough for them to respond and give the deejay some tips on what he should do. Come on guys, maybe it was just a random question?

The reactions from the tweeps, you can imagine, are nothing if not hilarious. The overall sentiment being that Kaybee should just leave the girl alone. If he did want her 10 years ago and it did not work, what makes him think it will work now? For some, they believe Kaybee should just give it a try and see where it goes. Do you agree?

Kaybee is being advised to leave the past in the past, and to move on to what he has presently. Surely, are we not a little bit curious to know who Kaybee is talking about though, I mean why post on your Twitter if there’s no one in particular you are referring to? Well, until we can find out who is giving Kaybee a headache, feast your eyes on these hilarious responses. 

Other than giving us relationship advice, or in this case letting his tweeps give him the love tips and advice, Kaybee has also been receiving much love for his music off late. That however has not kept trolls from dragging his name down the gutter. Just the other day, a tweep took to Twitter to say that one of Kaybee’s songs was trash and this did not sit well with the artist.

In as much as that hurt him real bad, you will be happy to know that nothing and I mean nothing can keep Kaybee down. He just recently announced that he will be working on a single with Unathi Nkayi and fans couldn't be any excited.

Unathi, who has been having quite the rough patch these past months, has a new found hope and it seems Prince Kaybee is the reason behind it. I know what you’re thinking, could she be the one stealing Kaybee’s heart? Well, only time will tell. 

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