Naymaps opens up about the dark side of fame

The actor is letting us in 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nay Maps  | Drama


Naymaps won the hearts of many South Africans when he bagged an acting role on Uzalo, and since then, the multitalented star has solidified himself as a household name with thousands of fans. In his career, he has managed to branch into multiple spaces including fashion and music

Speaking to Tshisa Live, the actor opened up about the extent some people go through to achieve success, "Unfortunately, there is a lot of pretending in this industry. People actually smile with you just because they want something from you or speak ill of you behind closed doors and pretend y'all are fine in front of other people. Or they wish bad things for you to a point where people go find muti to make sure that others don't succeed," he said. 


The actor then went on to speak out against being competitive, especially in the entertainment industry, "people, even your so-called celebs, have to realise that everyone is walking their own journey. Comparison is our biggest struggle and it has been amplified by the invention of social media. Other people find themselves under pressure to live like celebs, but even celebs are often under pressure to live like someone else and that needs to stop," he explained. 

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Naymaps