Ngizwe Wants Every Cent For 'Azikhale'

He wants what is due to him

By  | Feb 03, 2022, 07:26 AM  | Ngizwe Mchunu  | Drama

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Imagine playing a role in popularising a term which got you in trouble with the law, but massive companies are using it for their own gains. That is what Ngizwe Mchunu is currently faced with and he is reportedly looking to get a stake in the monies earned for his popular term, 'Azikhale.'

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In multiple live video clips shared on Facebook, a frustrated Ngizwe Mchunu can be seen speaking to Multi Choice management about the usage of the term Azikhale, which loosely translates to 'let it make noise' but in this context means 'let the games begin.' Ziyakhala might mean it's about to go down. However way you look at it, Ngizwe did popularise it before the national unrest which is why he go into trouble for it.

To give you a little but of context, Ngizwe Mchunu held his own State Of The Nation Address which was live streamed on Facebook. His viewership sky rocketed with multitudes of people tuning in to watch Ngizwe demand for former President Jacob Zuma to be released from the Estcourt prison cells.

In the address he said, “I fear what is going to happen in this country if our President is not released from prison within 3 days, starting from today (Sunday). Cyril Ramaphosa, Judge Raymond Zondo, the time for the meetings you are holding is over, release Zuma from prison, or hell will break lose,” Mchunu said. “I am very saddened by the fact that an 80-year-old freedom fighter is in prison my fellow Africans.”

After that, he made other videos and he still used the term Azikhale and Ziyakhala, but violence ensued in some parts of the country, particularly KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

People on social media started using the term even more but Ngizwe got arrested on suspicion that he played a role of being an instigator.

Multichoice also used the term possibly for marketing purposes and also Big Brother Mzansi. Ngizwe wants a huge part of the earnings for this term and so he made way to the Multichoice offices in Randburg. 

His argument is that, nobody from this broadcasting company contacted him with regards to using the term. 

"They are making money from the term 'Azikhale' but I got arrested for it. I will not allow this to happen. I am here now to talk to management only about the usage of this term, nothing else. They have to give me some sort of compensation now that they have used the term without my knowledge. Nobody contacted me to discuss this, so they have to answer for that," he said in the video. 

Drama ensued at the offices when the security guards did not allow them to enter but in the end they did. 

Ngizwe started getting fearful for his life when he allegedly started receiving threats which saw him hiding in Johannesburg. He told Daily Sun that he started by getting assaulted by the police and that his stay was not easy in Johannesburg making him feel unsafe.

“I don’t feel safe anymore. But I still say we will continue to fight for the right thing to happen. Zuma must be released. I suffered difficulties in Joburg. They wanted to take me. But I’m a Zulu man. I use strong muthi (traditional medicine). They won’t succeed,” he told the publication.

He handed himself over to the police and got arrested. When he was denied bail, his wife Lindi Mchunu breathed fire.

Social media users were also very vocal about this and one user said, "Ngizwe Mchunu is just used as a scapegoat nje. We all know Government is trying to convince business and so called international investors that they are doing something about this. My problem with government is that cabinet members contradict each other on this unrest issue."

Another one said, "Ngizwe Mchunu and other targeted individuals are clear confirmation that we have entered to a dictatorship state. We are in trouble, the WMC proxy is dealing harshly with the opponents."

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