Boity Ignores Nomuzi's Shade

It's as if nothing happened

By  | Dec 19, 2020, 12:09 PM  | Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena  | Drama

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Nomuzi Mabhena AKA Moozlie has been trending for two days straight now and it's all thanks to the drama that unfolded between her and actress Samkelo Ndlovu. The star dropped her album Spirit Of An OG and also dropped the visuals of her song Lalala. You'd think the good was trending because of her music right? Wrong, Moozlie trended because she took shots at fellow rapper Boity Thulo.

Many fans eagerly anticipated Boity's response from yesterday up until this morning. After one fan asked her why she's trending Boity responded by saying she has no idea why.

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The timeline is a mess right now and for many, the drama before an artist's big release can work in their favour. Surprisingly so, it is working in Moozlie's favour because people are eager to find out who did she throw shade at this time around.

The New Age Ma Brrr, as she calls herself, took major jabs at Boity Thulo, who also dropped her EP 4436 a few days ago. Moozlie dissed Boity in one of her tracks titled Fourways Freestyle which features rapper Reason, who by the way co-produced Boity's EP. Hectic!

In one of her verses, Moozlie says she is only friends with female rappers who write their own material, "y'all may be hot, but boy you know that yo sh*t ain't perfect. You know I'm friends with everyone that writes her verses. Yourself included."

In another screenshot shared on social media, Moozlie apparently takes it too far by mentioning Boity's manager Bash Vision. Young MaBrrr says Boity only got her first platinum plaque because of Nasty C for their collaboration Wuz Dat. It has been said that Nasty wrote Boity's verse however that has never been addressed by Boity.

"Nasty gave her a plaque and now you talking smack. Come on Bash, we know each other better than that." If you take a listen to the track, you will notice that that line is not in the song, which creates the assumption that the screenshot was cooked.

Many are baffled by the audacity because firstly it is no secret that Boity has a ghostwriter and she has never denied it, secondly, Moozlie herself had writers when she started out in the game. It was speculated that her ex-boyfriend Kid X, K.O and others used to assist her in writing her lyrics.

Yesterday, the timeline was a mess again, because Samkelo Ndlovu took a whole hour to drag Nomuzi for throwing a drink at her. She called Nomuzi out, accusing her of jealousy and being a coward. The actress said she was performing at Altitude Beach last night and she decided to go and greet Sphe and Naves when Nomuzi gave her a stank face, citing that she is jealous of her music.

"Today I was not having it, I was not going to sit there and have her stank face me when I just came off stage and people loved my song and have this b*tch ruin my night, so I asked her why are you looking at me like this? and guess what happened, she had 5 people surrounding her and they were trying to stop her from wilding out," she said in a live video on IG.

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