Nonku Williams Introduces “Gangster” Boyfriend To Children

Viewers and cast members both think it is too soon.

By  | Mar 01, 2023, 10:50 AM  | Nonku Williams  | Drama

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Real Housewives of Duban’s fourth episode might not have the violent fireworks which were delivered between episodes two and three. However, this episode seemed to be sharing a more expositional episode focused on finally giving nuance to the various relationships established in past episodes of the current season.

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One of those contentious relationships is that of Nonku Williams and her contentious season three boyfriend Dumisani “RD” Ndlanzi. A man who was introduced to the audience as the one responsible for Nonku breaking a year-long celibacy. 

However, it is the identity of the man in question that has many side-eying their relationship. This is as since the introduction of the RD, more information about his alleged sordid dealings have come to the surface. As reported

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Following his debut on the Real Housewives of Durban newest season, Nonku Williams new man Dumisani Ndlazi has been followed by just enough drama to make him a hot topic. Trending on Twitter as the new South African Tinder Swindler, viewers are convinced that Ndlazi does not have pure intentions for Williams.

More tweeps have chimed in where Dumisani Ndlazi is concerned and even proceeded to label him an alleged scammer. However, the new damning accusations that have come to light suggest that Ndlazi is also an alleged convicted rapist who served ten years behind bars.
With all this information now being made public, the fourth episode had many questioning Nonku’s latest decision in moving forward in her relationship. 

Nonku Williams introduces “gangster” boyfriend to children

In the previous episode, Nonku shared with Slee and Mbali how she plans to introduce her children to her boyfriend RD, despite the fact that they have only been dating for less than three months. Like the viewers, Slee and Mbali questioned whether all this was too early. But Nonku was adamant. 

As such, in the latest episode, Nonku and RD sat with their families for their first blended lunch together. A fact which many questioned was the right idea. More so given the circumstances which surround Nonku’s boyfriend and his assumed criminal and pervasive past. 
Moreover, the latest episode seemed to confirm that RD did not actually purchase a car for Nonku as was suggested during episode two of this latest season. More so as RD was seen arriving with an Amarok in this episode, A car which is believed to be Nonku as she was driving the same model car back in season one of the show. 

All of these going-ons in Nonku’s life have many questioning whether or not the businesswoman and reality star is doing all of this for the sake of the cameras. This is as Nonku was the villain of the show for the first two seasons with the manner she treated Ayanda Ncwane and LaConco in seasons past. As such, in this current, she has attempted to change the public’s perception by being more wholesome and well-rounded as a favourite local housewife. 

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