#RHOD: Slee Ends Her Friendship With Nonku Williams

"I am done, I don't want a friendship with Nonku and Jojo,"- Slee

By  | Mar 01, 2023, 07:42 AM  | Drama

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Real Housewives of Durban cast member Slindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu, has ended her friendship with Nonku Williams.

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With her authenticity and tell-it-like-it-is attitude, Slee has won the hearts of many viewers this season of the franchise. From the first episode, it was evident that Slee and Nonku's friendship was shaky. The two seem to get along well when they are together but when they are with the other housewives things go south.

In the latest episode of the reality TV show, Slee was confronted by Nonku for what she said about her man to the other wives. During Nonku's celibacy party, she introduced her new man Dumisani Ndlazi, and celebrated one year of celibacy.

Following the celebration, Slee told the other housewives at Annie's event that Nonku had her blessings till she wasn't happy with her new relationship. Jojo who was at the event, felt she was being two-faced.

Jojo met with Nonku and told her about what transpired at the event when she was not there. She felt Nonku and Jojo were encroaching on her. "I am done, I don't want a friendship with Nonku and Jojo," she said during her diary session.

Tweeps have praised her for choosing peace and ending her friendship with Nonku.

@Quar35079904 tweeted "A spiritual person often gets misunderstood, especially owesfazane. Often ama friendships ayaphela or abangani turn against her. Worst if unamakhehla. With that being said, I love the peaceful aura around Slee she remains my queen. #RHODurban"

@hlengiwedongo tweeted, "They thought they’d ambush Slee and she said not today Satan"

@Ms_khumoetsileM commented, "Nonku’s friendship with Slee would’ve been so good if it wasn’t for Jojo tbh"

@EliteVibesOnly wrote, "Me I love Slee shem and I'll take my L if she turns out to be someone else than the person I perceive her to be. She gives me good vibes, no-nonsense taker, good head on her shoulders #RHODurban."

@SliMseleku "I don't care whether she's right or wrong, I'm on Slee's side #RHODurban."
Others have accused Jojo of causing a rift between the two.

@mmakgotso_4 "#RHODurban Now that I think about it , Jojo is so messy and a liar I’m starting to think she made Calvin say the things he said on Camera abt Slee to make Slee look bad probably why she said “my husband isn’t getting involved this” when Slee said they should go ask him"
Speaking to Drum Magazine recently, Slee opened up about being misunderstood. 

"I don’t think people are used to someone who, from the bat, is speaking their mind. I think I am just defensive to anyone that is challenging my character. I know what I stand for so, for me, I also cannot pretend to save my life. I can say something, but my face will tell a completely different story. If I am not happy, you will definitely know, even if I don’t say it at times. I just cannot help how my facial expressions react. I guess I might be misunderstood in that sense because people are used to sweeping things under the rug and being pretentious and doing things to please other people. Unfortunately, for me, that is very unlikely. I am generally not a people pleaser. I always still to what I believe is right," she said.

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