Ntsiki Mazwai Trolls MoFlava

She wants him fired

By  | Sep 23, 2021, 05:00 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has vocalised her disapproval of having MoFlava on Metro FM saying he is absolutely boring. The poet and artist took to social media to troll MoFlava asking why Metro still holds onto him.

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One thing about Ntsiki Mazwai is that she will never shy away from telling it like she sees it. Stirring a debate whilst she is at it, Ntsiki Mazwai came for MoFlava and said he is not the ideal voice a person would like to hear early in the morning.

She wrote on Twitter that the radio personality is very mediocre and has nothing to add to the show. “I don't know why Metro FM hang onto MoFlava. He is so lame and mediocre, especially for a breakfast show. What a boring personality with nothing to offer! reshuffle!” she wrote.

Of course not everybody will agree with her sentiments on her comments section, but surprisingly some people actually agree with her.

MoFlava had previously left the show and was rumoured to have joined 947 fix the mess after releasing major radio giants. A source approached Daily Sun and said he had been appointed, “They wanted someone who’ll redeem the station from recent rape drama that has been unfolding in the public recently. They feel their image has been dented. After long discussions they agreed Mo Flava was the perfect man for the job.

"He’s been in the radio industry for many years and has never been involve in any scandal, even at the SABC. And the fact that he’s a respected DJ also played a part because they had to get someone who could make listeners forget about the whole rape debacle. Having him there was the obvious choice.

"Come end of March, he won’t be with Metro FM any more when he starts his new journey with 97.7, which he’s excited about. While this is a new chapter for him, it’s also going to be a challenge because of what happened. But he’s a solid DJ do he has the ability to restore the stations public image.”

Well that rumour turned out to be false as the DJ is still with the radio station - much to Ntsiki's dissappointment.

Ntsiki recently buried the hatchet with her former nemesis Dineo Ranaka. The two had a heated twar a few years ago and insulted each other's looks - and sexual orientations.

Ntsiki said to Dineo: "When a SA 'Role Model' says not wearing a weave means you are dirty! Lol! Dineo Ranaka though....take your meds!" said Ntsiki. "Instead of worrying about my hygiene you should worry about your baby daddies sisi @DineoRanaka you're on number what now?" she dissed Dineo.

Dineo then called Ntsiki, what everybody calls her, dirty! "OK. Now that I'm done trending for my talented overies, baby daddy count and perfect fake hair... Lets run those errands!!"

But now all is forgotten as they let bygones be bygones and worked with each other on an SABC 1 production with Candice Modiselle and musician Kabelo Mabalane.. Ntsiki revealed that it will broadcast on SABC 1, September 27.

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