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Meet the celebrities who have dated married men

By  | Feb 28, 2022, 02:30 PM  | Omuhle Makaziwe Gela  | Drama

Omuhle Gela/Kelly Khumalo
Love is a beautiful thing. But where there is love, especially when it comes to our celebrities, there is bound to be a whole lot of scandals. 

It is always such a great thing to see our celebs fall in love. And while most of them are lucky enough to have spent their happily ever after with their significant others, other relationships have simply had to bite the dust. 

What is more interesting, is when we learn that our celebrities have found love in the arms of an already married man. Below, we have put together a list of celebs who have either admitted to, or have been accused of being involved with married men. 

Zodwa Wabantu

At the top of the list we have sensational dancer and performer, Zodwa Wabantu. This may come as a shock to many, but before she rose to fame, Zodwa actually dated a married man. 

And as if that is not enough, this married man happened to be none other than Mandla Mthembu, Khanyi Mbau’s ex husband! 

Thinking that Khanyi might have been outraged at the affair, she confessed that she knew what was going on, but it was never really a big deal for her seeing that their marriage had already been on the rocks. 

The two are not together anymore, and neither is Zodwa. They have both found love in their young Ben 10’s and we love to see it. 

Kelly Khumalo

Her vocal highness has had it rough in the love department. This is especially after she and her first baby daddy Jub Jub broke up following abuse allegations. 

It was later on that she moved on to the late Senzo Meyiwa who died not too long ago. If you can remember, their relationship had sparked a lot of controversy, especially because, at the time they were meeting up until they started dating, Senzo was actually a married man!

Many gave them the side eye because one, they could not believe that Kelly was taking part in ‘wrecking someone’s home’ and two, because Senzo was choosing to neglect his family just like that. 

SK Khoza

Next up on the list we have The Queen actor, SK Khoza. Now while this many come as a surprise to many seeing that Khoza has never come out as a gay many, recent happenings are now causing fans to question his actual sexuality. 

This is after he and his friend, Moshe Ndiki, not too long ago went on an explicit live video that left many dropping their jaws in shock and embarrassment. 

In the video, Khoza and Moshe are seen, first half naked and being too cozy with each other, leaving many to believe that the two were an item. This is after Moshe and his husband had started having problems in their marriage, with rumor spreading that they were about to call it quits. 

Omuhle Gela

If you can remember, it was not that long ago when the Umlilo actress was also accused of dating a Limpopo businessman, who also happened to be a married man. 

A source had revealed to Daily Sun that Omuhle had taken a selfie next to the famous Jeff Sibanda, and after they commented on her photo, saying that she could recognize Jeff’s house, Omuhle had quickly deleted the photo and blocked them. 

Which can only mean that she knew she had been caught. The actress had later responded rubbishing the claims saying that she was in no way dating the businessman. 

Who to believe you wonder? 

DJ Zinhle

Last but not least we have DJ Zinhle who has also once before been accused of dating a married man. 

It all happened after she had broken up with her baby daddy AKA. News emerged that she had finally found love in the arms of a married tycoon and that they had even been spotted looking all lovey dovey. 

Catching wind of the news that was making rounds about her, Zinhle quickly took to her Twitter to slam the rumors saying that she felt she had to make herself heard, for the sake of her family and those that she loved. 

Which of these celebrities shocked you the most? 

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