Mzansi Hasn't Forgotten Kelly Khumalo's "Crimes"

They still want word on Senzo Meyiwa's killer

By  | Jan 18, 2022, 08:10 AM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

Image of Kelly Khumalo
Citizens, especially those who vote, are entitled to an opinion on how their government runs things. But it would seem that not everybody gets that luxury, as Kelly Khumalo found herself in trouble for her opinions. 
The singer recently responded to a tweet by president Cyril Ramaphosa, in which he spoke about the importance of protecting the constitution and democracy. He said that to jeopardize the electoral process would be to mess with South Africans' freedom. 
Kelly responded swiftly, posing a difficult question to the president. She demanded to know what value democracy has, if the citizens have many more problems that are never addressed. She implied that freedom means nothing if not everybody can enjoy it because of the different ways the government has failed them. 

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Some of her fans felt like she made valid points. I mean there are important issues in Mzansi that need to be addressed by the government, and we all know it. 
However it seemed to rub many the wrong way that the questions came from Kelly. And now she has been catching heat left and right, mostly because of her past "mistakes". 

One tweep suggested that at least half of the problems she'd mentioned as government failures came as a result of children not being raised by both parents. Knowing Kelly's history, this was a jab at the fact that she is a single parent, and that Jub Jub accused her of denying him access to their son Christian. 

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Others came for the criminal case that has been the bane of her existence. Her late boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa, and the father of her daughter, was killed over seven years ago and the case is yet to be closed. Since the incident is alleged to have happened at Kelly's home shortly after the two had had a fight, many in Mzansi have accused her of having a hand in his murder. 

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They now think she has no right to be talking about crime and corruption in the country, when they suspect that she is a participant in both. They have demanded that she tell the truth about the murder, or keep quiet to avoid being a hypocrite. 
It's unfortunate that the valid points she brought up would be shut down just because of her negative public image. I mean looking at what she said, is there anything wrong with it? It would be better if she was slammed for blaming the government unjustifiably, but attacking her character may not have been the right way to go about it. 
It's a good thing that Kelly has thick skin and lets all the negativity bounce off as, she focuses on her career, her family and loved ones. 
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