"I Felt Like You Disrespected My Womb" Palesa

Palesa finally confronts Somizi

By  | Jun 13, 2022, 05:53 PM  | Palesa Madisakwane  | Drama

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Bahumi Madisakwane has lashed out at her baby daddy Somizi Mhlogo.

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In the preview of the upcoming episode of Somizi's reality show Living The Dream with Somizi, she met up with Somizi to discuss the issue of Bahumi's damages.

This season Palesa joined the reality show to shed more light on their relationship and to address the unresolved issue of Bahumi's damages and to ask Somizi what his plans are. In the preview Somizi and Palesa have a heated confrontation.

“I should have completed everything by now,” Somizi said.

“But why didn’t you finish doing everything,” Palesa asks

“I don’t have the time, which is wrong,” he said.

She lashes out at Somizi: “Now I’m asking myself whether Somizi is serious. He has to be clear on whether he’s in or out, whether he’s going forward or in reverse, he shouldn’t tell me tales."

“This person is not only disrespecting my family but I felt like you disrespected my womb,” she continued.

Bahumi has been unable to change her surname to Mhlongo because of a certain ritual ceremony that still needs to take place. According to Palesa, in order for her to take the Mhlongo surname, Somizi must first pay for the damages.

“If she wants to change her surname to Mhlongo, she is an Mhlongo at the end of the day. There is nothing I can do, but I am just worried (about) what my dad will say. My father always says that there are steps that need to be taken,” said Palesa.

“It’s not about money, it’s just about certain things to be corrected so that we can give her our blessings,” she added.

Recently, Palea opened up about how she discovered about Somizi's sexual orientation. In the past, the Idols SA judge claimed that Palesa's baby mama knew he was gay before they started dating, but Palesa denies having known.

“When I went to speak to Somizi’s mother and his sister, I remember Somizi’s mother saying ‘my child, you can see how Somizi is. He isn’t like other boys. Give us the child and go on with your life.”

“I had also just found out that he was gay and I had fallen pregnant with his child, you know? It was a confusing time of my life to understand what being gay meant. I think in my little girly mind, I thought I had a boyfriend,” she added. “I could brag about my boyfriend being a part of Sarafina whenever he came to see me,” she laughed.

She also clarified that she was able to see her daughter anytime and she was not ordering her.

"When uMa [Mary Twala] said I can give the baby to them, she was not ordering me she was not insisting or taking my baby away from me. As a caring and loving mother she was to me she meant she will take care of my baby and she loved me enough to want to see me go back to school and make a good life for myself," she clarified 

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