Pearl Modiadie on being an 'it' girl

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Drama

We’ve seen a lot of so-called 'it' girls in the SA entertainment industry over the years. Some have disappeared, while others – like Bonang Matheba – are still showing the rest of us how to win at everything.

One person who’s also making her mark in the industry is Pearl Modiadie. The radio and TV presenter, who has graced the cover of True Love magazine’s May issue, has also been dubbed an 'it' girl.

Speaking on this label, she told V-Entertainment: “I guess they think I’m great at what I do. I’m counted amongst the best that the industry has to offer.”

Although she’s happy to be counted amongst the best in the country, she doesn’t let that get to her head. She added: “I think a lot of times people get distracted by the ‘it girl’ name and that sort of stunts the growth in entertainment. So I am in here not be the ‘it girl’ but for longevity because it is a career, not just a hobby. It’s not just one thing that I do on the side.”

It seems like Pearl is not in this just for the fame – she’s actually putting in the work. We love that about her.