Pearl Modiadie Keeps The Pregnancy Clapbacks Coming!

She keeps it classy and cute

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 08:42 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Drama

Expecting mom, Pearl Modiadie seemed to have the right idea on how to combat the cold front when she tweeted about craving about the vetkoeks. But no expecting mother can ever write about food and not be questioned on whether she is just hungry or it is cravings. 

Those in the know already know about her love for atchar, which she could have with anything including with pap, eggs and some mayonnaise.

But when Pearl was asked if the craving was for the baby or as a result of the weather calling for comfort food, Pearl made it clear that the pregnancy craving jokes are getting old; and quick. 

Can an expecting mom not just want a hearty meal without it being called cravings?

Image credit: Instagram @pearlmodiadie
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