Pearl Faces Mzansi's Wrath Over House Chores

Sis, normal people do those daily

By  | Jan 12, 2022, 02:27 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Image of Pearl Thusi
While we all know that Pearl Thusi is hardworking – her work ethic has gotten her where she is so far – celebrities rarely ever have to do their own house chores as they can afford to have full time helpers. 
Pearl has previously expressed worrisome suspicions about her helpers, which now means she has been left to her own devices. As she went online to talk about how it has been to do all her house chores on her own, she left many social media users wondering “so what?” 

The Queen Sono star recently took to Twitter to talk about her suspicions about her helpers. She said she suspected them of stealing from her, which broke her heart. We are guessing that she may have had to let them go, because she did not even feel safe in her own house anymore. 
Following the incident, Pearl shared a list of chores that she had been doing. From the list, you can tell that she would be exhausted, because although she said she was singlehandedly managing a workload for three people, at least she doesn’t have to worry about theft anymore. 
But tweeps were not as empathetic as one would expect. They told her that she was complaining about doing her chores for one day, while there are other people who handle her whole list and more on a daily basis, without complaining. 
DJ Shimza also recently got in trouble because of what he chose to share about his house helper. He went online to lament on the fact that she had chosen to extend her Christmas vacation, and he was running out of socks to wear because there was nobody to wash them. 

As you can imagine, Mzansi had a field day making fun of him. They called him all sorts of names, saying that he is spoiled. I mean, who would go online to complain about dirty socks, which take less than five minutes to wash? 
But Pearl is not the only ZAleb who has had trouble with their employee stealing from them. Her bestie DJ Zinhle recently went public with a story about how her employee had stolen R500K from her bank accounts, possibly over the duration of one year. 

She wouldn’t say the employee’s name for legal reasons, but she was very heartbroken as she treats her employees like family and did not understand why they would do that to her. 
Pearl has let none of the trolling get to her, which is unsurprising. But then again, she is probably too busy doing more chores to clap back at strangers on the internet. We hope she finds trustworthy help some time soon. We got exhausted just reading that list, and cannot imagine what it must be like for her, considering she still has to shoot content and go to the gym in the middle of all that. 

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