Where Is The Real Pearl Thusi?

There can only be one

By  | Nov 27, 2021, 11:52 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Pearl Thusi Image
It was not that long ago when Pearl Thusi landed an international gig in Lagos Nigeria, where she was set to host the AFRIMA 2021 awards. The news had many of her fans in frantic excitement and joy to witness their favourite actress and media personality continue to shine and outdo many of her industry mates.

During her time in Lagos, Pearl has without a doubt given us a run for our money with all the photos she has been sharing on her social media, of her looking nothing if not stunning and elegant. If there was ever a doubt that this queen was made for the screen, then those doubts have been put to shame.

Just recently, Pearl took to her Twitter to share an equally saucy photo that has quite literally set the internet ablaze. While many of her fans have taken to her comment section to mention how beautiful she looks, others simply think that she has used too many filters or that the photo has been edited too much.

In the tweet, Pearl writes, “I could hardly breathe for this photo. So ya’ll have to like it”  In the comment section, many of her fans are already claiming that the photo does not look like the real Pearl with more tweeps saying that she looks like a clone? Well, does she?

Her loyal fans are of course silencing all the “she doesn’t look like the real Pearl Thusi” talk saying that whether or not she used too much filter, or whether the photo was excessively edited, they still think that she is beautiful. I mean can’t a sis just show up with her well done face beat without anyone having to criticize her?

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This is not the first time the Catching Feelings star is either causing a star or stamping her foot in one. Just recently, Pearl took to her Twitter to comment on the death of FW de Klerk, shocking all if not most in Mzansi. Like many, Pearl believed that the former vice president did not deserve to be honoured because of the oppression witnessed by black South Africans.

It is not surprising to see Pearl Thusi take her stance on some of the matters that speak to most in Mzansi. The actress has on several occasions not shied away from being vocal on issues politics and more, and it will definitely not be the last. Still we continue to applaud some of the achievements she continues to make in her industry.

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