Pearl Thusi Admits She Loves Drama

It's not that surprising

By  | Nov 10, 2021, 08:50 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

Image of Pearl Thusi
Pearl Thusi has recently admitted that she loves drama. In a video she posted on Instagram, the actress and her best friend did a TikTok challenge in which they answered a few questions about their friendship. One of the questions was which of them likes drama more, and both Pearl and her bestie were very quick to say the actress definitely loved drama more. 

It is evident as the Catching Feelings star recently started a twar over Elon Musk’s nationality. Responding to a tweet that applauded Elon’s eccentricity and ability to upset key global figures, particularly those who are annoying too, Pearl responded “same”. She then responded to another tweep who called the eccentric billionaire an American hero, saying he was South African. This comment resulted in an argument over his nationality, as many South Africans on Twitter felt like he does not deserve to be called SAn, as he acts like he doesn’t even like this country. 

This is not news for anyone who has kept up with the model. She is constantly making headlines for one reason or another. Most recently, it was her political views that almost landed her in trouble at the just concluded 2021 municipal elections. She went online to troll the government, asking tweeps “Apart from corruption, what else does the South African Government do well? (10 marks)” 

It did not go well for her, as she was dragged for her comments. An old photo of her in an ANC shirt was dug up, and she was told that she was part of the machine that got the government in power in the first place, and she was being a hypocrite. 
The Quantico star has also been accused of being a scammer by social media users. She responded strongly to these allegations, and even threatened to sue people over them. I mean, the drama could have died down in 24 hours if she had left it alone, if it was clearly false and didn’t need defense. But her strong reaction dragged it all out longer than it needed to be extended. 

It is clear that the model has some very strong opinions, and she does not water them down for anyone, even if it is sure to upset them. She once said she would rather die than go back to Metro FM when a fan asked her to host a show at the station together with Phat Joe. 
We love that she is opinionated and doesn’t shrink herself. Do we love that this trait often results in drama? Well, we don’t exactly hate it either. Do you? 

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