Pearl Thusi Goes Off

She's responding to all the rude and xenophobic comments

By  | Oct 21, 2020, 02:20 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Drama

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The gloves are off and Pearl Thusi is coming for the trolls one by one! Pearl has had enough of trolls and she is expressing that with the usage of profanity.

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Pearl lent her voice to the many on-going struggles that Africa is currently facing. She has done this by engaging in numerous hashtags that are making their rounds all over the world. But trolls decided to spew hate and Pearl was not having it and decided to go all Kelly Khumalo on them.

With the help of a few cuss words Pearl put many trolls in their place after tweeting, "So many SA are still so enslaved mentally... now it seems self imposed. Anyone passionate about something that isn’t immediate to their wants is an enemy. A bunch of feel sorry for us first bullies because we’re helpless & ur not allowed to care abt other ppl hashtags,"

She also added, "Current African leaders are trash. Interesting how most of them are men."
After a few name-calling trolls bombarded her comments section, Pearl hit back and it was not good. Soon after she started trending and this time her fans are encouraging her.
Screenshot of Pearl Thusi's tweet cussing out a tweep
Screenshot of Pearl Thusi's tweet cussing out a tweep
Screenshot of Pearl Thusi's tweet cussing out a tweep
Screenshot of Pearl Thusi's tweet cussing out a tweep

This is not the first time Pearl got dragged for defending Foreign Nationals. She was even told to start packing and visit the foreign African countries because of the love and support she has shown towards them.

#PearlThusiMustFall started gaining momentum but Pearl said no body is falling and she continued to hold her head up high.

"Killing African nationals that reside in South Africa is something I will never defend. Defending borders drawn by colonizers will never be something I limit myself with," she tweeted.

Pearl's mentions were soon flooded with people who oppose her views and she saw insults hurled towards her. She was accused of not standing for South Africans whilst she is in support of foreigners. However, the Queen Sono star remained unfazed at the trolling and stood behind her word.

In an interview on her BET talk show Behind The Story, she shed a tear when interviewing Khanyi Mbau over the constant bullying she faces almost every day on social media.

In a three-minute rant of television time that we will never get back again, Mama Pantha let trolls have it. While the clip suggests that sis was bearing her heart to the world, she still managed to drag all those that are “jealous” over her fair complexion.

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