DJ Fresh's Legal Woes

Penny Lebyane and Ntsiki Mazwai team up!

By  | Feb 03, 2021, 03:03 PM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

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Legal woes seem to follow DJ Fresh. Today, his ex girlfriend Penny Lebyane and his least biggest fan Ntsiki Mazwai are teaming up in court. Penny wants to clear her name as she believes the DJ has tainted it by calling her "toxic" and "unstable."

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The reason for this was because Lebyane had talked about an ex-lover of hers she dated 20 years ago, who she believed was a sexual predator. Much to Fresh's dismay, people pointed fingers at him even though she never mentioned his name. His track record when it comes to such allegations is not the most clean hence the uproar.

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Ntsiki Mazwai on the other hand had reposted a users allegations on social media where she accused the DJ of rape. In a bid to have the poet take down the posts from her social media Fresh won his case in court and was also then ordered to remain mum about the allegations.

In his court documents, Fresh also dragged Penny's name in the whole drama and accused her of being the original author of the post. In her defense she said, “In his founding affidavit, he cites that I originated the post that Ntsiki retweeted, which is not true. The second thing he says [is about] a restraining order against me from whatever years ago, which to my knowledge is not true. We are questioning how you mention me in a court document without giving me a right to answer for myself. I also want to understand how whatever decision the judge makes against Ntsiki affects me.”

Now, the women are wishing each other well as they prepare to take the stand against Fresh. On social media, they asked their followers to keep them in their prayers. "May I ask you to take a 5 min moment of silence and meditation to clear my paths for tomorrow. For me to have strength and support to stand in my light. Just send positive thoughts and embrace me with your loving energy," Ntsiki wrote.

Penny shared a positive message on her Instagram asking her followers to keep their faith in God.
DJ Fresh and his close buddy Euphonik also have other allegations levelled against each other where a woman by the name of Nampree. She accused them of raping her and three other women at a party in 2011.

"@DJFreshSA & @euphonik will you ever acknowledge drugging me & further raping me? I was completed drugged I don't (know) whether you BOTH raped me or 1 of you did & you later laughed about it the next morning saying we (me & 3 girls) were so drunk we kept blacking out but nasidlwengula (you raped us)" she tweeted.

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