Prince Kaybee Gets Dragged For His Music

This one hurt him real bad

By  | Nov 19, 2021, 03:33 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Acclaimed DJ Prince Kaybee has set the internet ablaze after a tweet he recently shared in response to a troll who decided to blast the deejay. It was not that long ago when Kaybee took to his social media to announce that he and Unathi Nkayi have been working on something new today. The announcement had fans excited and happy to see the two working together.

The tweet by said troll, was in relation to one of Prince Kaybee’s songs, Club Controlla, which he said was a “trash song”. Loyal Kabillion fans have since taken to the troll’s comment section to shut down his comment by asking him to speak for himself and not drag the artist into his own biased statement. 

Tweeps witnessed an emotional and clearly hurt  Kaybee who took out to rant and say that fans only seem to like him when he posts a scandalous photo or when he is beefing with someone. According to him, “Ya’ll just attack my art” was Kaybee’s comment.

Fans were not late to affirm his music in the comment section. Twitter user @SthembiD was the first to tell Kaybee to not be mindful of bitter people and that his work is a masterpiece, a rare breed and that the deejay is exceptionally brilliant.

And despite the many positive comments that are coming in to give Prince Kaybee an ego boost, tweeps are also wondering why Kaybee is concerned about one negative comment about his music. Instead they think, kaybee should simply focus on his art and respond to all the love that he receives from his fans.

For some, they have simply gone ahead to tell Kaybee that in as much as they disagree with him on twitter, they still remain to be avid fans of the award winning artist and that itself should mean something for him. Fans believe that Kaybee is a powerhouse and that he has proven himself more than once and no one should ever make him feel otherwise.

It was not that long ago when the deejay took to Twitter to also ask his fans how he can “un-fame” himself, alluding that he was getting tired of fame. For an artist who has made such great progress in his music career, fans could not understand what made him say this. Commenting hilariously, tweeps asked that they exchange places so that they can get to have a taste of the life Kaybee is living.

But after this particular occurrence, it is safe to say that not all that glitters is gold. We can only hope that Prince Kaybee gives a deaf ear to his haters and naysayers so he can focus fully on creating authentic music that fans love and appreciate, and even if they don’t well, his fans will be there to defend and support him however way they can. 


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