Tweeps Divided Over Kaybee's Explicit Bedroom Advice

"Are we really doing this?"

By  | Nov 18, 2021, 09:10 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Award winning DJ Prince Kaybee recently took to Twitter with some piece of advice for his many fans and followers. The DJ who is well known for some of his top hit makers remains to be a favorite to many if not most. This is not the first time Kaybee comments on issues to do with men and relationships and clearly it will not be the last.

His tweet, which was in response to a comment a tweep had made, sparked up quite the conversation. In his tweet Kaybee talks about how men should always be keen about giving and getting consent when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Check out the tweet below

Kaybee is in essence encouraging men to ask for consent before slapping any woman during s**x. In his tweet he says, “Gents remember consent, don’t just slap”. His tweet has since gotten fans in quite the frenzy with many of them sharing their own personal experiences with consent and others asking whether consent is really necessary in such a situation. Still fans are busy taking notes ready and flooding each other with hilarious remarks. 

According to fans, those who agree with Kaybee believe that if consent is not given, then it might be regarded as a GBV case. On the other hand, others just believe that being slapped during s*x is not something they would want to do or be on the receiving end of. What do you think?

In another recent tweet, fans have also taken to Kaybee’s comment section to ask when they should expect a new hit from him. The Dj who released The 4th Republic album this year, has in the past up until now, continued to win the hearts of many across Mzansi with his music and awesome talent as a Dj.

His comment section also witnessed a tweet asking Prince Kaybee to pull up his socks as he is beginning to fall off the music industry radar, a comment that was immediately shut down by a loyal fan who asked the troll to go listen to Kaybee's latest album before making the sadistic comment.

Prince Kaybee who is very active on the platform, just recently took to his Twitter to throw shade at Uncle Waffles who had just gotten verified on Twitter. The announcement caused many of his fans to question why Uncle Waffles had been verified before Kaybee who had been in the industry way longer than the female deejay. In response, Kaybee tweeted that Twitter does not verify upcoming artists and this left many laughing and gaping at what Kaybee really meant. Was he calling Uncle Waffles a fake or was he referring to himself as the upcoming artist?


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