Prince Kaybee's 'Drug' Video Fools Fans

He had us in the first half

By  | Feb 09, 2022, 11:32 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee has his fans in a choke hold. If you doubt it, a perfect example was when he posted a video of him that got his fans concerned and ready to give him an intervention and some help, until they noticed it was all a joke. 
The chart topping DJ recently posted a video of himself in which he looked like he was about to do drugs. He had a white powdery substance on the table in front of him, right next to a glass of what looks like whiskey. He used his bank card to “cut” lines in the white powder, as he sipped on the alcohol pensively. 

Now, anybody who has ever watched any movie or TV show about the mafia, gangs or just drug use in general knows what that video implies. His fans immediately concluded that he was making lines of cocaine, and was then going to proceed to snort it all. You know, as they do in the movies. 
But he pulled the greatest 180 degree turn when he suddenly grabbed a piece of meat from somewhere off screen, and dipped it in the powder. As it turns out, he was just seasoning his meat before cooking. Nothing to be concerned about. It is all a TikTok trend, with a classic misdirect, so he knew exactly what he was making the video to look like, and we have to stan. 
Fans are amused at how he managed to bamboozle them all. We must admit, he had us in the first half. Then of course there are those with short attention spans who had already started typing out their advice to him to avoid drugs, or who had already shared the video as damning proof that Kaybee is a drug user, all before actually watching the video to the end. He has been hailed as a genius, though, because he executed the trend so perfectly. 

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The DJ recently made headlines when an old video of him when he went on Podcast And Chill with MacG, resurfaced online. In the video, he and MacG were discussing bedroom matters, and the podcast host asked him whether he had ever made a girl squirt. 

The response was hilarious, as he said that it was a good feature for a woman to have. Although the interview from which the video was taken is a bit old, it looks like fans have never quite moved on from the absurdity of his response. But it’s all in good fun, though. 
It looks like 2022 is set to be his year, though, and we love to see it. He has already dropped one single out of the twelve he promised to drop this year, and has been having fun with his fans and followers online, and we hope the winning streak continues for him, especially after the tough year he had in 2021. 

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