Prince Kaybee's Blunder Moment At AKA's Expense

He is lambasting feminists for celebrating AKA's passing

By  | Feb 14, 2023, 02:17 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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While the whole continent is mourning the untimely passing of Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. Prince Kaybee is all over social media lambasting feminists for celebrating his death. In retaliation, Twitter feminists have have literally taken the DJ back to school.

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Evidently, Prince Kaybee have a score to settle with feminists as this is definitely not his first time taking at swing at them. Even though social media feminists chew him alive the last time he lambasted them, it appears the DJ is on another witch-hunt, as he claims that Twitter feminists are celebrating AKA's death.

"Celebrate AKA’s life and let the feminists celebrate his death, easy. You don’t have to go on their posts to highlight the apparent dislike or contentment they get from his death. It brings them joy?, so be it" wrote Prince Kaybee
Class was definitely ins session as more tweeps including feminists called out the DJ for spreading misinformation and limited knowledge around feminists. Twitter feminists jumped in on Prince Kaybee's throat and blatantly told him to read a dictionary before spreading damaging information about feminists.

In response to Prince Kaybee's tweets accusing feminists for celebrating AKA's death. The push-back was only inevitable as tweeps went into a rant with the DJ.

"Its obvious you use your penis to think. It will continue being a thing until you learn what feminism is. Umdala, stop spreading damaging stereotypes about women who want equality." wrote Nhlanhla Sobukwe
"You are giving a penis too much solvency, you can delineate the equality stance without a dick pic slander." wrote Prince Kaybee
"And you can also put your point across without dragging feminists into your little fake woke speech about AKA." wrote Nhlanhla Sobukwe
It appears nobody wanted to take the high road between Prince Kaybee and Nhlanhla Sobukwe, as the pair continued to school each other for all tweeps to witness.

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