Prince Kaybee Finds A New Home

Kaybee signs to a new label, Ingrooves Africa

By  | May 17, 2023, 06:46 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has found a new home at Ingrooves Africa! The House music DJ recently parted ways with Universal Music Group and admitted to feeling scared of what the future holds for him.

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Just recently, the Wajelwa hitmaker revealed that he signed to Ingrooves Africa. She shared a short clip of him signing on the dotted line that he is the new signee at the label. 

In his speech Prince Kaybee said he wants to make money and give out good music.

"I just wanna deliver good music and make some money."
Ingrooves Africa is home to many noticeable faces in the music industry including Lady Du, Junior De Rocka, Kyle, Yallunder and many more. 

Welcoming Prince Kaybee to the stable, the label wrote:

"Yo Dintshang, We would like to welcome @princekaybee_sa to the Ingrooves family. Looking forward to this new journey with you. Welcome to the family!!"

Prince Kaybee angered South Africans when he said there is nothing left for him here because of the forever changing music scene. With the world dancing to Amapiano which originated in South Africa, Prince Kaybee and a few other artists' spotlights have dimmed.

When he shared snippet from his new music, a fan asked Prince Kaybee if he thinks its logical for him to switch up his style?

“You’ve completely changed your style do you think it’s a good move though?”

Prince Kaybee gave a very uncanny response and got dragged for it, “In South Africa its sad, today they love you tomorrow they hate you. There’s nothing for me here. And I share these thoughts with a heavy heart, you can’t teach South Africans new music, all they want is familiarity and an artist can’t keep making same music all the time,” he responded.

Fans reassured Prince Kaybee that his relevance is not based upon the ever evolving music preference from South Africans, but rather on how good the music is.

"I don’t think you believe that outside of the twitter comments you read. which genre in south ah has never had an artist go gold/platinum? even amapiano is new but already people are doing crazy numbers so what do you mean all we want is familiarity? sifuna umculo omnandi qha (we want good music."

"Don’t be too hard on yourself Kabelo have confidence in yourself and your music. Even if it means starting afresh to market your music to a new audience who will appreciate your music do that …People around the globe enjoy different kinds of music. The sky is the limit Kabelo."

"Be you Kabelo, I still remember you from small street, Bloem ko clubhouse, you have talent, use it and forget about social media and negative people ...hela yalo san."

"Music evolves but people refuses to evolve. One of the many reasons I don't bother attending these Sunday Soul Sessions is due to the music they play there. It is repetitive and tiring,I am always discovering new and unfamiliar music daily."

"Be like Cassper Nyovi, he doesn't care who says what he does what he feels like doing, people will catch up."

"But we ditched kwaito and accepted gqom, and then ditched gqom and accepted piano with open arms. We are now waiting for you people to come up with something new coz people are only into piano coz there's nothing else to vibe to. We really try to be flexible."

"South Africans made you, today you are talking crap. I really don't understand these artists, infact, all the superstars who are internationally recognised now, they forget the humble beginnings. If South Africans didn't support you from the word go you wouldn't be where you are!"

"No disrespect but if you have identify in your music, it doesn't matter what genre or style u do because you will always bring that fact that is how great albums were done, it was different styles, all de influences of the artist in 1 project."

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